VCenter Taiwan VM instance provider HiNet line host registration activation and performance evaluation

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VCenter, a newly established Taiwan host provider in March 2016, has Taiwan Cloud host products that provide HiNet and SeedNet lines. As we can see, due to the requirements of Chinese webmasters for hosts on the Asian line, many overseas and domestic host vendors have begun to provide targeted host products on the Asian node line. For the products of this vCenter merchant, the old Left is also the first to come into contact.


According to the configuration of its official host product, there are currently Cloud hosts on the HiNet line. The basic configuration is 1 GB memory, 20 gb ssd, 100 GB monthly traffic, 800 Mbps bandwidth, and the monthly fee is NT $, it costs about 160 yuan. For this new registrar, there is no promotion activity yet. It is unclear whether there are any netizens who have used it. If there are any useful ones, you can leave a message to feedback on its performance.


PS: For any new registrar and the host provider we use for the first time, we recommend that you exercise caution and pay by month and perform multiple backups.


1. vCenter official website


The code is as follows: Copy code

Official Website address:


II. vCenter account registration process


In theory, when most of our users register and purchase hosts, if they are in simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese, there is certainly no problem. At least we can understand Chinese characters. However, the vCenter registration account is slightly different because we need to activate it on our mobile phone.


1. Registration information



Here, we can submit personal information based on the text box and use pinyin. For the ID card number and Bill address, you can do whatever you need. At least I registered it like this.


2. Phone verification account



After the registration is completed, we need to verify before entering the background. This location is different from that of other sellers. We need to pick up our mobile phone and call this Beijing Number. It is an automatic voice, and then we will ask you to enter the last five digits of the current phone number. If no problem exists, the system automatically switches to the background, indicating that the registration is complete.


After registration, we can select a host. Currently, only PAYPAL and credit card payment are supported, but Alipay is not supported.


Third, simple evaluation of vCenter VM instances


1. HiNet line test IP address


The code is as follows: Copy code


File download speed: http: // bin


2. Basic VM instance configuration



The test machine I selected here is a 20 GB SSD hard disk, which is not mounted by default. We need to mount it ourselves.


3. Ping speed test



This is the Ping speed of my manual testing machine.


4. I/O hard disk read/write test



5. Speed of downloading files from CPU/random nodes



Summary: vCenter, as a new host provider, should be used to back up data and make selective attempts if necessary. In many projects, we need to use VPS host products on the Asian node. If you have used this product, you can leave a comment. From the perspective of the product itself, the line goes through HiNet, and the Ping speed should be relatively good. The bandwidth is 100 Mbps, so there should be no major problems with website construction.

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