Vcsmith is you best choice of white-box test tool

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Vcsmith is you best choice of white-box test tool

Vcsmith (visual code Smith) is policware version of vctester, vctester is a white-box test tool for C source codes to facilitate the use of Visual Studio C/C ++ (vc6, vc7 or vc8 ). vcsmith is specified ware without any functional limitation, you can obtain, using and spread it freely.

Vcsmith offers three major components: Editor, debugger, and tester of source codes. the editor is similar to sourceinsight, it supports C, C ++, and CSE extensions ages, offers highlighted display of key words, prompted input, jump and rebound of symbol definition, display call trees, automatic Generation of framework codes, search and replacement through code line tags and shortcuts.

The debugger supports integrated build construction, breakpoint setup, single-step trace, view and modification of variables, and fast view of parameters called by functions and corresponding return values.

The tester supports Script test driver (including Reading and Writing C variables under test and Calling C functions), scripted test data building, project-based Management of Test suites and test cases, and debugging and formal running of test cases.

Visual code Smith is an IDE development platform that truly integrates editing, debugging and testing functions. this section is to describe the functional features of vcsmith, mainly according to the difference between it and traditional programming environments.

First of all, vcsmith is free software. ordinary policware usually reserves some functions for experience but with restricted practicability. however, vcsmith successfully avoids such case. all functions are available in all released versions of vcsmith.

Secondly, different from some programming environments (such as source insight), vcsmith offers not only strong functions in source code editing, but also provides edge-cutting functions of scripted debugging and single-step tracing, so that users can easily build a debugging environment with CSE scripts, and the debugging process is online and visual, as what you see is what you get.

What's more, vcsmith also supports standard tests, and scripts building and triggering callcan be repeatedly used in standard tests. online debugging supported by vcsmith is a highlight of the software. online debugging means that the program under test need not restart during the course of debugging, and all debugging operations are online, so that varous driver scripts can be written and debugged continuously, and Bug Locating, debugging result viewing, and debugging script re-optimizing can be done online, which can greatly improve the programming efficiency.

Vcsmith features a very simple, easy interface. the learning costs are very low. meanwhile, it offers strong integration functions for external utilities, which further extends the expandability of vcsmith as a general research and development platform.

Please note that vcsmith does not support the debugging and testing of C ++ codes, but only supports the coding, debugging and testing of C language projects. in addition, the debugging and testing functions of vcsmith must be coordinated with the use of VC (vc6, vc7 and vc8 ).

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