Vefx Weiyi formal precious metal platform: strengthen risk avoidance and stay away from slide Platform

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Due to market emergencies, the quotation with the precious metal trading platform is slow or the circulation is insufficient, in some cases, the price may be skipped. "Slide" means that when the price jumps blank, the Stop disk may not be executed at the preset price of the investor, because the price that can be sold next may have exceeded the stop price of the investor. Investors have the opportunity to increase transaction risks.

For example, the slide is intended to refer to the quotations placed by investors. For example, if an investor sees a price of 28.41, the international market sometimes fluctuates sharply, the price may change to 28.52 immediately after the investor clicks the mouse to buy the product. At this time, there will be a "maximum allowed differences". If you click the check box, as long as the price changes do not exceed the range set by investors, the order is still successfully placed at 28.52 of the price. If the range is exceeded, the Order will fail. If investors do not check, they will accept any instantaneous fluctuations.

Therefore, the precious metal trading platform without slide points has the following features:

1. Ensure that the deal price of the pending ticket is "Zero slide"

2 stop strictly

3. Reduce the losses caused by unexpected market events

4. improve risk management capability and increase confidence in transactions

Uninterrupted transactions to grasp every ups and downs.

6. Open a warehouse and close a position at any time. Each operation is decided to be executed in real time.

7. Do not set a limit or limit, so as to be loyal to the market conditions to the maximum extent.

Vefx Weiyi formal precious metal platform: strengthen risk avoidance and stay away from slide Platform

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