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MicroStrategy doesn ' t support Versioning. BTW, There are two types of versioning in MicroStrategy. Source control (what I ' m taking about over here) and slowly changing Dimension (SCD). Lots of clients have put requests to microstrategy to have this feature the version control for schema object or at least a Ttributes. In short the answer for this question are NO and I would never want MicroStrategy to have this features. Such A feature request is the can come from the bad microstrategy practice. Why in this world, do your want to have two definition. If a change in attribute breaks A or SQL goes haywire, one should rather fix this (that why it's is job of Microstrat Egy Architect). Such a feature would leads to lots of useless trial-n-error in stuff. If you are know any of the behind this feature request, please post the name over here.

FYI, as per document ID (tn4100-800-0349), A current enhancement request exists for this functionality. Contact MicroStrategy Technical Support for the latest update to this request.

This would is a good feature for nuts in MicroStrategy and would give sane the people hard time.

Update Feb 2009

Cognos supports this feature. But one can ' t use different object (s) from different set of version.

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