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Very good flash ease advertising navigation
Today, the computer to see this effect, and then practice again
First look at the effect:
Create a new flash name casually, size 588*350:

1, the picture you want to put into the library inside.
2, a new MC name for MC1, the picture just dragged in, on the alignment, left-aligned.
3, a new MC name for color with a rectangular tool to drag a color bar width 20 high 350, and then back to mc1 a new layer, the color dragged in is left-aligned, on the alignment.
4, create a new layer on the MC1 to write the text to be displayed.
5, and then create a new layer on the MC1, add a 20*350 button, the instance name is BTN.
6, repeat the above steps to build 5 MC, the name is MC1-MC5 respectively.
As shown in figure:

7, create a new MC new 5 layer put just M1-M5 dragged into the separate layer of the instance name is M0-M5 respectively.
8, write on the first frame:

For (i=0 i<5; i++) {
this["M" +i]._x = _root.my_qlx0[i];
var btnnum = this["M" +I].BTN;
Btnnum.mnum = i;
Btnnum.onrollover = function () {
This._parent._parent.m1.moveto (0.200000, _root["MY_QLX" +this. MNUM][1]);
This._parent._parent.m2.moveto (0.200000, _root["MY_QLX" +this. MNUM][2]);
This._parent._parent.m3.moveto (0.200000, _root["MY_QLX" +this. MNUM][3]);
This._parent._parent.m4.moveto (0.200000, _root["MY_QLX" +this. MNUM][4]);

9, then drag the MC into the scene and write in the first frame:
MovieClip.prototype.smoothMove = function (sp, TX) {
this._x = this._x+sp* (tx-this._x);//Ease
MovieClip.prototype.MoveTo = function (sp, SX) {
this.age = 0;
This.onenterframe = function () {
if (this.age<30) {
This.smoothmove (SP, SX);
} else {
Delete Onenterframe;
Coordinate control
My_qlx0 = [0, 500,522,544,566];//[m1 start position, M2 to right position, M3 to right position]
MY_QLX1 = [0, 22,522,544,566];//when M2 slide to the left the position of each m
MY_QLX2 = [0, 22,44,544,566];//when m2,m3 slide to the left the position of each m
MY_QLX3 = [0, 22,44,66,566];//when m2,m3,m4 slide to the left the position of each m
MY_QLX4 = [0, 22,44,66,88];//when M2,M3,M4,M5 slide to the left the position of each m

10,ctrl+enter test the film.

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