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Although many free and open-source one-click packages on the Internet are currently used to install the WEB site environment, it is certainly difficult for users who first contact Linux VPS/server to install and use commands for site building maintenance. After all, it may take some time to overwrite the virtual host or Windows visual environment. The most direct way is to use the WEB panel to assist the construction and application of the site building environment.
Although WDCP, AMH, LuManager, and many other WEB panels are used by many users in China, Vesta Control Panel is recently used by several netizens) the panel is still relatively easy to use. The old left has also shared the installation of this panel in his blog, but he has never practiced or experienced it in detail, so I am going to take some time to install the Vesta panel to the application in the near future, including some common details to record it and see how the panel works, secondly, it can help some friends select some panel references and practical reference tutorials.
1. Vesta free VPS panel installation
Currently, the Vesta panel supports CentOS 5, 6, 7, Debian 6, 7, 8, and Ubuntu 12.04-15.10 environments, therefore, we need to pre-install the corresponding available system in our own VPS and servers before we can install the panel.
The code is as follows: Copy code
According to the official tutorial, you can directly execute the script in SSH to install it, but there is an error prompt when you install it on the left.
It is detected that the httpd component has been installed by default in my current Linux environment and cannot be directly implemented. It doesn't matter if we can see the solution, run the command to add a parameter to continue the installation.
The code is as follows: Copy code
Bash -- force
As prompted, enter y and press enter, and then enter the mailbox and host name of the panel. The installation will automatically take effect. Wait, as shown in the following figure.
The preceding figure indicates that the Vesta panel has been installed. The Default portal, user name, and password are displayed.
2. Common applications of Vesta panel
Based on the above steps, we can quickly install the Vesta WEB environment and log on to the panel based on the installed interface to see what it looks like.
1. Log on to Vesta
Because the self-signed HTTPS certificate is used in the login portal, we need to authorize the addition to directly open the HTTPS address. This does not affect the use of the backend.
2. Set the simplified Chinese language
By default, the Vesta panel displays an English interface. Generally, the partner looks at the top of the screen. It doesn't matter because Vesta has a simplified Chinese language. We need to set the option to OK.
As shown in the preceding figure, click the admin user name in the upper-right corner, select CN in the Language, and save it. The entire background is the simplified Chinese Language interface.
In this way, we can see that after the simplified Chinese panel, everything is more cordial. Before we choose to build a site, we still feel that we need to be a little familiar with the features of this panel to see if it is very powerful.
3. Website creation function
What we use most is certainly the site creation function of visual interface, so that we can easily add general settings of sites and sites.
Add the website domain name as needed. If there are multiple IP addresses, we can select a corresponding IP address for a site.
4. DNS and email system
We can also learn how to use the panel's built-in DNS functions to create our own DNS servers. I personally think it is not very useful, after all, the free and paid third-party DNS servers are more powerful than our self-built ones.
There are still some functions for the mail server. We can build our own domain name Post Office. However, the old man still thinks that it is easier to use Tencent enterprise Post Office. If you have business needs to build your own domain name Post Office Vesta panel, you can still use it, let's take a detailed look at the details later to see if building is troublesome.
5. Other functions
The Vesta panel also provides functions such as statistics, firewall, log analysis, and IP management. Generally, common users may not need them, but it is necessary to consider most of them as website O & M requirements.
To sum up, the installation of Vesta panel is relatively simple from the simple experience on the left, which can meet our site construction needs and users' requirements for website backup, management, and monitoring functions, APIs can be used with WHMCS. Later, I wrote a detailed article to share the detailed application of the Vesta panel, so that I can see whether the actual use is satisfied.

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