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Now, the position of Optical Fiber Ethernet switches in the switching industry is becoming more and more important. Here we mainly introduce the comprehensive performance of Optical Fiber Ethernet switches. Because Fiber Optic Ethernet switches can provide high-speed and low-cost fiber access solutions, many manufacturers have released their own Ethernet switches with fiber interfaces. However, there are not many switches with fiber interfaces on the market. The following describes several full-fiber Ethernet switches.

TP-LINK100M all-optical fiber smart Ethernet switch TL-SF2808C

The intelligent switch TL-SF2808C provides 8 2 km M multimode fiber-optic SC ports with a maximum transmission distance of up. TL-SF2808C support configuration software configuration, support PortVLAN, port shielding, MAC Address binding and other intelligent configuration. The overall performance of the TL-SF2808C is superior, simple to use, the price is suitable for working group users and Smart Community broadband access to provide an ideal networking solution.

The TL-SF2808C has 8 100MST Multimode Optical Fiber ports and 1 shared RJ-45 port, supporting 802.3x full duplex flow control and back pressure half duplex Flow Control with, dynamic LED light, provides simple working status prompts and troubleshooting, and provides a terminal DTE) device to configure the serial port. Supports up to 8 VLAN configurations, and supports static MAC Address binding up to 18 groups) and MAC address aging time settings. Supports broadcast storm control, reduces broadcast storms and splits broadcast storms, provides a terminal device DTE) configuration serial port, supports Configuration Software settings, full Chinese configuration interface, built-in general power supply, it adopts 19 inch standard steel shell structure design.

OnAccess1224S24 + 2G port Optical Fiber Ethernet Switch

Shenzhen shoumai Communication Technology Co., Ltd. successfully launched the OnAccessreg optical access system based on the Ethernet point-to-point network topology with its own intellectual property rights ;. OnAccess is an optical access network based on residential data center exchange. It is an FTTH access technology widely used in North America and Japan with mature technologies and low costs. OnAccess1224S is a high-performance, 24 + 2G port fiber-optic Ethernet switch with local network management, replaces the Ethernet switch with the commonly used RJ45 interface and the network structure of the external photoelectric conversion module.

S allows you to flexibly configure the number of 1g uplink photoelectric ports (up to 2) and the number of m downstream optical or electrical ports (up to 24), making the port configuration very easy to expand and upgrade, the downlink port can be selected as a single-mode optical fiber, multi-mode optical fiber, and category-5 access media. It has the function of monitoring the working status of each port photoelectric module by using the network structure of an external photoelectric converter, greatly improve network reliability. It also provides port isolation and port bandwidth control, which is especially suitable for scenarios where the transmission distance exceeds the distance of five types of lines and the need to resist electromagnetic interference.

OnAccess is mainly used for fiber-to-household fiber-thehome-FTTH in residential areas) broadband access network, enterprise high-speed fiber local network, and highly reliable industrial Distributed Control System (DCS) optical Fiber Digital Video Surveillance Network, hospital high-speed optical fiber LAN, campus network, etc.

TopSwitch has high flexibility. Users can flexibly increase ports, increase bandwidth economically, and quickly connect a CEN instance to a remote site through an Internet connection. The upper connection module can be used with a variety of optical fiber and copper media, including multimode optical fiber, single-mode optical fiber, long distance single-mode port. The LED indication on the front panel provides complete status and network activity for each switch and port.

The SNMP component is integrated into the internal SNMP management platform to complete complex fault diagnosis, monitoring, and configuration. Use the in-band or out-of-band SLIP protocol to remotely or locally manage SNMP to support MIBII, big network MIB, RMON, and enterprise MIB. Other features include: support for Spanning Tree, VLAN, automatic isolation, and priority queuing.


According to the general development trend, the application of optical fiber in the access network should first Replace the feeder fiber with the feeder fiber, and then continue to advance to the user. However, the cost is getting higher and higher, therefore, the optical fiber is usually only used to distribute data to the roadside, that is, the Business Access Point (SAP ). The ultimate goal of the pure optical fiber access network is to promote the fiber to residential users. It is not realistic to get the fiber to the home because the price of the fiber is too expensive. Therefore, fiber-optic Ethernet switch access is a low-cost FTTH solution.

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