Virus is also one of the secrets of the Broadband Router crash

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Problem:Both laptops use wireless NICs and wireless broadband routers to access the Internet. A strange window will pop up when I open IE in one of the most recent laptops, and neither of them will be able to access the Internet. After I restart the Broadband Router, it will be normally used for no more than 5 minutes and I will not be able to access the Internet again. What is going on.

Answer:If settings are excluded, we recommend that you scan and remove viruses from two laptops. In particular, the notebook that automatically pops up when IE is opened may be infected with viruses. Some Network Viruses attack specific ports of the Broadband Router or send broadcast packets continuously in the network. In this case, the Broadband Router will cause problems such as disconnection due to heavy load. According to your description, after a restart, the system will not be able to access the service again after a period of normal use. Basically, the virus is a strange thing. After the above analysis, we recommend that you carefully check whether the computer has viruses or other problems.

The following are some causes that may cause the Broadband Router to crash:

1. Too many client connections

Many manufacturers generally refer to the number of devices that can be connected when promoting their own Broadband Router products. Most manufacturers will say that their four broadband routers can carry 10-20 machines. However, some users may experience disconnection after 10 machines are taken during use. During the purchase process, first, we need to analyze whether our Broadband Router matches the number of machines and applications. Sometimes, because your actual environment is not suitable for using the purchased product, the Broadband Router cannot bear the network load at all, resulting in a disconnection problem.

From a technical point of view, we usually talk about using NetIQ Chariot software to test the product performance (the cost of purchasing smartbit is too high). Among them, a session (Chinese name session) evaluation can explain some problems. This session option is generally used in the test of the four broadband routers evaluated by IT168. We will not talk about throughput and processing performance for the moment. We will only talk about this option that has a direct relationship with the number of on-band routers. Generally, a high-performance broadband route can establish 300 pairs of sessions at the same time. And almost only 200 pairs of sessions.

Let's assume that the Broadband Router has 10 machines (Here we talk about intranet-to-Internet connections, Intranet connections rely on the exchange port of the Broadband Router, basically close to the nominal value of MB ), when a computer needs to access the WEB page, after entering a domain name in the browser, the Broadband Router will initiate a session request. After the website server receives this request, a response will be returned to the Broadband Router, A session is created. If these 10 Machines Open 10 pages at the same time, add QQ, MSN and download tools, and so on, each machine needs to establish 20 pair sessions. Ten machines are 200 pair sessions.

Under this load, the general broadband routers should be able to run normally, but when there are 20 machines, I believe that there are more than one network application, and the broadband routers will be used as machines. In this example, we can see that in some scenarios with many network applications and machines, 4-port broadband routers at home are not applicable at all. However, it is not surprising that some users have bought four broadband routers for home use as a shared gateway for small-sized Internet cafes.

To sum up, when purchasing a Broadband Router, we must consider based on the number and needs of our own belt machines. Don't make a pony to pull a car and cause unnecessary troubles and economic losses to ourselves.

2. improper user settings

We know that the technical level of the users who use the Broadband Router products is uneven. Many users only know a little about the Broadband Router products and technologies, and do not know much about the configuration of most broadband routers. The dealer also told me that many users would not set up the Broadband Router after buying it, but he had done things in the past few minutes. Therefore, improper configuration may cause the Broadband Router to crash.

In the case of such problems, we hope that users can face them with the correct attitude, carefully check the product instructions, and communicate with after-sales service personnel in a timely manner, in order to accurately determine the cause of the disconnection. If it is a product quality problem, the manufacturer will solve the problem for users. If the vendor ignores the problem, we will use some media to reflect the problem, arouse the attention of the vendor, and adopt a positive attitude. I think the abuse on the Internet is irrational and will not solve practical problems.

3. Poor access line Quality

In addition to improper configuration, the Broadband Router may not run properly. Poor access line quality, viruses, and other problems are also important factors that cause the failure of the Broadband Router. from the several broadband installation processes I have experienced, I found that there is a big problem with China's Internet access lines. For example, for ADSL lines, the technology itself has very high requirements on the quality of telephone lines. In some old residential buildings, the old telephone lines are used, the line quality itself barely handles Basic Call functions. In this environment, how can we ensure the normal operation of the ADSL line?

For example, the Great Wall broadband is installed in my own home. To save costs, the wiring of the Great Wall broadband in the building uses a pair of twisted wires to separate two pairs of lines to access two households respectively, this wiring is a poor cabling project. Eight pairs of cables in the line are used at the same time, greatly increasing the possibility of signal interference. Such a broadband line sometimes causes frequent disconnection.

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