Vista operating system file sharing method

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To share the folder named Vista in D disk, first right-click on the folder and select "Share". The File Sharing Setup Wizard appears, starting with "Select the users you want to share" with the Drop-down menu to see the local account or everyone, and we can add a new account by creating a new user.

After selecting the user, you need to set his permissions, we choose the right level of the corresponding account, the owner of a total of 3 categories, followed by the "reader", "participant" and "co-owner."

• Reader permissions will only view the contents of the shared file.

• Contributor permissions will be able to view files, add files, and delete files that they add themselves (without this option), but he cannot delete other users ' added information, which is not the same as the Win XP system.

• A common person can view, change, add, and delete all shared files, with the highest access to file resources.

When it is set up, it displays the access path for the shared resource, such as a computer named Wujita, and the shared folder name is a movie, then the other computers on the network will be accessible through the Wujita movie, and the final point "Finish" button ends the setting.

If we want to stop a shared resource, we just need to select "Share" by right-clicking on the shared folder, "Change share Permissions" or "Stop sharing" prompts, and we will make changes to the actual needs, and click "Stop sharing" to turn off resource sharing.

Such a resource sharing method is relatively simple, but there is a certain inconvenience in the setting, if you want to set the entire directory for detailed settings, such as XXX only read and other accounts can read and write, you need to set several times, the cancellation is not too convenient. Cannot cancel and change permissions on multiple accounts at the same time. This is the disadvantage of simple sharing, as with XP system Vista file resources are shared by default, and we need to modify the information in the folder options to change to advanced sharing, so that we can set resources access rights.

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