Visual Communication design: The difference between graphic design and web design

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Article Description: analysis of the difference between plane and web design.

This period of time, has been doing the printing of the product design, such as photo books, calendar and so on. From the Web product design switch to come over me, often think, graphic design and Web pages are design, but the difference is so big, it is not the same as the nature of the cat and Tiger, they all belong to the cat, but not the same species, there is a big difference.

Now let's analyze the difference between them as a visual communication design.

1. Visual elements

In terms of color graphic design and web design using a different color model, graphic design because of the later implementation depends on the printing, so the CMYK color mode, and the Web page according to its image mode using RGB color mode. The use of color in graphic design focuses on visual impact and visual flow guidance (similar to the banner design in web design), and web design (product Class) More attention is the information structure of the comb, if the color used too much too strong, it is easy to cause a sense of visual fatigue.

We usually in the design process, graphic design of the font to choose more free, do not worry about the later implementation of the problem, all the text will eventually output to the graphics for printing, and web design needs to consider more comprehensive, and in the selection of the font is also very small, in order to make the output of the finished size of the server caused pressure Based on the characteristics of HTML, all fonts are based on user operating system in the default font, of course, in recent years with the evolution of technology and development, this gap is gradually narrowing, the current through the HTML5 API can achieve personalized font use without the need to personalize the final output of fonts as graphics, Without increasing the back-end pressure, the user experience has been greatly improved.

From the use of graphics, the graphic design is richer than the webpage design, the performance way is also diverse, especially for the Product class Web page design, the modular design idea is more obvious, in the visual performance is also so, the plane for the graph performance is does not need to consider to the later realization, at one point is obvious to all. In terms of the size unit problem we use in design, graphic design uses the concept of physical dimensions for dimensioning, such as inches, centimeters, millimeters, and the pixels used by the Web page.

2. Presentation Mode

3. Information Carrier

4. Browse mode

Graphic design is a step-by-step approach to browsing, the entire browsing process can not be diversified in series, web design has a scroll bar drop-down, button link jump, such as the diversity of browsing information, in the same kind of information architecture, the information between the more abundant, the more freedom of choice of information users, But graphic design naturally has its advantages, for example, I am in the design of photo books such products, it is obvious that this category of products in the computer monitor on the page, not as printed as a real book to read the feeling to be better, and more have a collection and commemorative significance. (

5. Information dissemination

Graphic design belongs to the more traditional information media design, generally through posting, sales, mail delivery and other forms of transmission, such as the spread of a small scope and high cost, relatively in this regard web design information dissemination ability is very strong, but rely on third-party media support, Graphic design but has a more extensive audience, different age for paper or book information to accept the ability to be better than the network media, after all, network information acquisition will exist a learning costs, in the future of the continuous spread of network information and end-user experience of the end media to upgrade, It seems to me that the gap will be getting smaller in the audience.

These two design forms have different user experience, we should according to different design content, choose the correct design form to enhance the user experience, these are only personal to the plane and web design some superficial understanding, also as a hope that we can share their ideas for the design, Quote a piece of graphic Design Master Alan Chan "The most important thing is to be clear positioning, if the positioning clearly targeted, many creative will naturally create." It's like you're looking for a girl you like, and it's too much trouble to run to the bar and look at it. First make sure what kind of girl you're looking for, go to the bar and point, oh, this, that. -How simple! ”

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