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In the daily work, we often encounter some of the design of the very "beautiful" pictures are not recognized by users, the rate is very low, at this time we will secretly complained, but did not understand the problem is where?

Web design and graphic design What is the difference between our subjective for the page to add elements of the time is not rule-based, the blogger has previously been a visual design rookie, to their own personal experience to talk about in the Web page design some experiences.

Now let's look at the banner of a topic:

At first glance, the screen feeling seems to be OK, but after a closer look will find that the whole picture does not have a visual center, this picture exactly want to express what also did not say clearly, see the above elements: women, model racks, lights, showrooms, clothes. Seems to express a lot, in fact, in addition to the designer I know this is the banner of the topic of clothing and accessories, the other people are confused.

Then let's look at the banner of the same theme:

Picture Center "fashion Apparel" tells us is sells the fashionable clothing, the picture element also tells us, here sells the clothing accessories, the shoes, the underwear, the swimming cap and so on. This banner not only expresses the theme of clothing and accessories, but also directly tells us the complete range.

With this example we will gradually understand the purpose of visual design: the essence of visual design is to better convey information.

Convey the form of information:

So how can the design of the demand information to express the outstanding, there is a lot of knowledge, I will talk about their understanding:

1. Product Style

Before we do the design, we need to know who the object of the service is, the different people's cognition, the design style should be adjusted according to the cognition of the crowd, so it is very simple to define the design style according to the target crowd first.

Let's look at a group of banner:

The difference between the two is that the font has changed, but the product temperament is very different. "Collar" is a business product, but this banner font clearly can not express business people clean and neat style of doing things, the trust of the product will be reduced, the lack of trust, the expression of the copy also has no meaning.

Therefore, the style of design to meet the preferences of visitors. For example, pink must not be used on military websites, and red is not the main color of a medical website. The visual temperament of a product is an expression of information.

2. Restore the real sense of the object

What is the real sense of objects? Let's take a look at the picture below.

The image above is the ibooks interface. Beautiful content form, full of realism, using the familiar wooden Bookshelf UI makes the user feel in the experience of nature.

Product interface is the main way for visitors to understand the product, when the interface of the product close to the real world, the lower the user's learning costs, the product's ease of use will improve. And look at a group of solar theme banner:

Compared with two banner, put aside some details of the scrutiny, the second picture of the message clearly than the first to be easy to understand, designers can not subjectively represent the user's aesthetic cognitive ability, restore the real feelings of objects, rendering the most authentic product picture, is a very direct way of information expression.

3. Uniform Norms

Design does not have a rigid evaluation standard, it is precisely because this design will look wonderful. But the design of the product user interface is not equal to the design of poster posters, in the pursuit of differentiation and expressiveness, we have to convey information as the main goal to improve the ease of use of products as a prerequisite.

I personally think that a good design is not a bright feeling, but let users have a sense of familiarity and a sense of belonging to their own rooms, the face of a large amount of information on the Internet page, the role of visual designers is to enable users to the quickest way to find the information needed.

Internet development So far, most users have their own directional thinking of the use of habits, how to the user interface design to meet the user's preferences, it is necessary to conform to the mainstream of the visual norms or to develop a visual norms. Here are some examples of visual specifications:

The unification of ① elements

The unification of ② layout

The image above is login registration, the area of the clickable area too much, in order to ensure the simple visual effect of the page, button does not maintain a unified, but landing, registration, retrieve password, the guide is in the same area, this is a kind of industry norms of unification, Most users will realize that the registration entrance is near the landing port, so the registry does not make a button but only makes a simple link.

Summary: The above content is I to focus Design department This new environment of experience and feelings, these may be familiar to ignore the knowledge point, I hope these content can help later like me new colleagues, less confused, set up a correct design values.

Article Source: The interactive design of the small fierce

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