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Article Description: Evolution from Apple logo--on the development of brand logo.

In March this year, we saw the colorful Apple logo on Apple's ipad launch. From the color return to the color, the Apple logo in the design of a return, the color of the halo gradient gives people a kind of ever-changing feeling, so that the logo more rich texture and artistic atmosphere. Perhaps it's a tribute to Apple's predecessor, Steve Jobs, perhaps representing a new generation of ipad with a more stunning high-resolution retina screen, perhaps the next Apple product ...

And this new logo is obviously different from the previous Apple logo style, in the current brand development trend of the apple has not blindly pursuit of simplicity, this is why?

As one of the world's leading brands, Apple is a world leader in the field of computers and personal digital. Apple products with excellent product design, pioneering innovative ideas, excellent user experience to obtain the world's hundreds of millions of of users like. Apple's brand logo is also one of the world's recognized outstanding designs.

Here's a quick look at the evolution of the Apple logo:


The first Apple logo was drawn by Ron Wayne with a pen, inspired by Newton's thinking under the apple tree and discovering the law of gravitation, and Apple also wanted to emulate Newton's commitment to technological innovation.


Steve Jobs needs to release his new Apple II product, but the original logo is clearly too complex to apply to new products. Apple II uses a new plastic shell, with a color screen. This time need to have a simple application, unique style of brand logo, so as to help consumers remember, improve the recognition degree.

So I found the Regis McKenna Advertising design company to design a brand new logo for Apple. Bitten off the apple shape is very special, colorful stripes full of human nature, full of affinity. In this way we are familiar with the color of the Apple logo was born.

(Fig. 1) Apple II computer


Steve Jobs restructured the company after returning to Apple in 1997, positioning the brand as simple, neat and clear.

In the new product IMac, G4 cube on the application of a new translucent plastic texture, the logo is more stereo, fashion. The reason for this change is that the new product is a transparent material shell, in order to match the new product texture and change. The black sign also appears almost simultaneously, most of which appear in the color of the packaging, the product, or the contrasting colors that need to be reversed, in order to match the propaganda of the product. So far, Apple's monochrome logo is still being used, and it is also the best indication of Steve Jobs's brand positioning for Apple.

(Fig. 2) Apple 1988 imac Advertisement


The Apple logo has become transparent, with the main purpose of changing the Mac OS x system, which was first introduced to the market. This time Apple's brand core value changed from computer to computer system, and Apple logo also followed the system's interface style change, using transparent texture.

(Figure 3) Mac OS X Landing screen


Apple also officially changed its name from Apple to Apple when it launched its iphone. The Apple logo, which uses a glass-textured logo, is designed to match the iphone's innovative introduction of multi-touch touch screen technology with a new user experience.

(Fig. 4) iphone

The change of the Apple logo every time the symbol change is the core product changes, Apple is not abandoning minimalism, but the brand's core value changes. So the new Apple logo may be a sign that the newer ipad's Retina display technology will be the core of Apple's next development.

Today's brand logo needs visual first, through a certain pattern, color to the consumer transmission of some kind of information, in order to identify the brand, promote sales purposes. Brand logo blindly follow the trend of the logo is not correct, the logo needs to conform to the brand's core competitiveness, not now blindly simplification. Brand logo, in the final analysis is for the brand service, logo to let people perceive what the brand is doing, it can bring benefits. Accurate expression of brand characteristics, in order to give people the right association. Of course, the logo design to both the times and durability, if not conform to the times, it is difficult to resonate. A brand symbol of good or bad judgment, should not be simple to judge whether it follows the trend, but also should be there is no great expression of corporate philosophy and the core value of the brand.

Author: Sean Xu

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