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vmware vSAN 6.5 Enterprise Edition serial number activation code key permanent use

VMware VSAN, full name VMware Virtual SAN, referred to as VSAN (note that V is capitalized). We can think of VSAN as a kind of vSphere Storage, an enterprise-level high-performance storage behind the vSphere virtual machine. VSAN is actually a shared distributed object storage system based on server-side storage, which can be used to replace the external disk array at the back end of vSphere.

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In the past, vSphere back-end shared storage required an external disk array to support various advanced functions of vSphere, such as vMotion, HA, FT, DRS, etc. Now, in many scenarios, VSAN can support better, because VSAN is an advanced function embedded in the vSphere kernel. It is extremely simple to use and manage, and it can perfectly cooperate with VMware SPBM to achieve storage policy-driven automation. Even VMDK's granular allocation of storage resources can be seamlessly and tightly integrated with various other functions of vSphere.

When it comes to VSAN, VMware's software-defined storage (SDS) is inseparable, and VMware's software-defined data center (SDDC) is inseparable. VMware's software-defined data center was first proposed at VMworld in 2012 and was quickly recognized by the IT industry. VMware believes that the software-defined data center is the next stage in the evolution of IT, and it is by far the most effective, resilient and cost-effective cloud computing infrastructure method.

The SDDC methodology will abstract, pool and automate storage, network connectivity, security and availability applications, and the entire data center will be automatically controlled by software. The services provided by the infrastructure will be aggregated and used in conjunction with policy-based intelligent deployment, automation and monitoring functions. Application programming interface and other connectors support seamless extension to private cloud, hybrid cloud and public cloud platforms.

To sum up, the core of the SDDC concept includes: 1) Software-defined data center is automatically controlled by software; 2) Software-defined includes three stages: abstraction, pooling, and automation; 3) Software-defined data center includes five major components: computing , Storage, network, management and security.

As one of the five major components of VMware's software-defined data center (computing, storage, network, management, and security), the concept of software-defined storage (SDS) was also proposed for the first time. In VMware's eyes, software-defined storage provides storage from industry standard servers and realizes storage automation and pooling through the software control layer. It simplifies storage provisioning and management methods to the extreme, and uses industry standard server storage to greatly reduce costs. VMware SDS consists of two parts: Data Plane (data plane) and Control Plane (control plane).

VSAN is part of VMware SDS Data Plane, and the other two are Virtual Volumes and Cloud Object Storage, as shown.

Virtual Volumes is an integration and management framework for external disk arrays. If the external disk array supports Virtual Volumes, it can also be driven by VMware SPBM; Cloud Object Storage can be regarded as VMware’s ambition in the future. Perhaps, in the future, VMware will even incorporate object storage on the cloud platform into the SPBM landscape. .

In fact, the research and development of VSAN started at least in 2010. The reason VMware developed VSAN is to achieve seamless integration with vSphere and provide SPBM functions to better help users adapt to the gradual popularization of virtualization and cloud computing. Its appearance, and NSX evolved through the acquisition of Nicira, constitute the cornerstone of VMware SDDC (Software Defined Data Center). VMware was originally scheduled to be released with vSphere 5.5, but in order to build a stable and reliable enterprise-level commercial product, it further rigorously and comprehensively tested and improved VSAN. It was not until March 2014 that VMware officially released the first version of VSAN 1.0. .

VSAN aggregates the SSD (Solid State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk) in each node of the vSphere cluster server to form a shared storage pool.

Then, the storage pool allocates storage space to the virtual machines in the cluster according to the pre-created storage policy (the user does not create it, the system default policy is automatically used). If you use the NAS plug-in, you can also provide shared file space for other clusters or physical machines.

VSAN is a software-based distributed storage solution that can run on any standard X86 server, as long as the I/O Controller (controller), SSD and HDD are in the VSAN HCL (Hardware Compatibility List). run. VSAN's HCL is very rich, so VSAN provides very high flexibility for users' selection.

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vmware vSAN 6.5 Enterprise Edition serial number activation code key permanent use

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