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Vmware Fusion 5 Download installation tutorial (Mac virtual machine installed Win7)

VMware Fusion is a very useful system tool to achieve the perfect combination of Windows and MAC OS x platform, from the inside out of the exquisite, designed to provide users with the simplest, quickest and most reliable service, An application that allows users to easily run Windows operating systems without rebooting on a Mac computer. VMware Fusion seeks to run Windows programs on the MAC in the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way.

Apple's Mac operating system always allows users to have a relaxed and enjoyable computer experience. It brings unparalleled efficiency, sophistication and elegance to many users, whether at work or in life. Just, in the domestic Internet environment, completely out of Windows is not practical, after all, many common domestic software is only Windows version, especially the internet banking applications.

However, if you do not need to reboot, as with Mac software, running the Windows system and its software directly on the MAC system is perfect. In fact, the current Mac on the name of the virtual machine software VMware Fusion and parallels Desktop have been able to do this, and, in the case of VMware, its Mac version than the Windows version, regardless of function, performance and practicality of a big cut!! Even playing some 3D games can be easily dealt with, the practicality is quite strong!

VMware Fusion 5 Download Address: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/info/slug/desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_fusion/5_0

Open the download address in Safari (or other browser) under the Mac system and click View download at the bottom of the page (see download)

Select the first manully download download

Enter user name, password:



Agree to the license agreement

and start downloading.

Double-click Load when finished

Icon installation between double hits

Open it

Enter Administrator password

Installation Complete!

Enter the registration code after opening the software

Registration code:


Ignoring the navigation or something.

Create a new virtual machine directly

Continue without disc

Select the downloaded win7 system mirror, and then continue


Here to select Windows 7 Ultimate, the password can not be lost

Point continue without key

Two modes of choice:

First: Seamless mode, Windows system and Mac system common user folders, Windows system will directly operate the MAC system desktop, user documentation, etc.

Second: Standalone mode, install stand-alone Windows system, but can selectively copy or share files to Windows system

Select Save Location

The installation is automatic, just wait.

Installation Complete!vmware tools will also be installed automatically

Then, as with ordinary VMware virtual machines, it's easy to remember to activate the system.

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