VMware vsphere 5.1 cluster Walkthrough (vii) virtual machines and application monitoring

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Virtual machines and application monitoring is a powerful feature that is often overlooked but is indeed ha, possibly because it is a new feature of Ha, a new component, and is typically not enabled by default. We will try to collect information about all the virtual machines and application monitoring, but it is a very simple product that is not actually what you expect.

Figure 40: Virtual machine and application monitoring

Why do you need virtual machines and application monitoring?

Virtual machines and application monitoring and HA play different levels of response, while virtual machines and application monitoring are responses to a single host or application failure, and HA is the response when a host fails. For example, if a virtual machine fails, such as a machine blue screen, the application monitoring will be triggered to respond to an administrator or application developer.

How does virtual machine/application monitoring work?

Virtual machine monitoring can reset individual virtual machines when needed, virtual machines and application monitoring, similar to Ha, also uses heartbeat detection, in this case, if the heart of VMware Tools on the virtual machine has not been received for some time, the virtual machine will be restarted, the heartbeat detected by Ha, and will not cross the network, On the host only.

Figure 41: Virtual Machine monitoring sensitivity

When virtual machine/application monitoring is turned on, as shown in Figure 41, the sensitive level will be configured, the default configuration should be applied to many scenarios, low sensitivity means that the loss of more heartbeat signal, the machine is running in the wrong position higher, but, if there is a failure, and sensitivity is low, then the longer the downtime, When a failure requires a quick response, you should choose a high sensitivity, as you would expect, it is exactly the opposite of low sensitivity, the advanced settings are shown in table 5, the table has been enabled, but it has universal significance.

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