Vmwareworkstation allows you to enable a USB flash drive (or use a USB flash drive)

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recently, I have to deal with Linux deployment. Generally, I need to test it on my own machine before deploying the production environment. For example, you can use a USB flash drive to install the operating system.

VMware workstation9.0 is installed on the machine to run multiple test VMS. The reason is of course to use this to deploy some operating systems, especially USB flash drives (you can also use USB flash drives as Virtual Disks of virtual machines ). Next, we will explain how to use a USB flash disk on vmwareworkstation9. 1. prepare a USB flash drive to insert the prepared USB flash drive into a physical machine installed with vmwareworkstation9, as shown in figure: vmwareworkstation setting USB flash drive (or USB flash drive) 2. open a new virtual machine, click "virtual machine setting", and click "add" in the hardware window, as shown in figure 3. in the "add hardware wizard" window, select "Use a physical disk". This step is critical and most important for the entire operation. This function is similar to the hardware of a physical machine directly connected to esxi. 4. in the select a physical disk Window, drop down "device" and you will find two options: the first one is the physical disk of the physical machine, that is, the physical disk of the operating system, and the second one, that is, physicaldriver1 is a USB flash drive. Select a USB flash drive here. Select "use entire disk ". In the "specify disk file" Window of www.2cto.com 5. Keep the default value and click Next. 6. After adding the USB flash drive, you can see the size of the Newly Added Disk on the right. 7. start the VM and press the Del key to enter the BIOS settings. Note: The displayed time is short. After the VM is started, place the mouse in the VM startup window and press the Del key. In "Boot", www.2cto.com sets VMWare virtual SCSI hard driver () as the boot item (that is, USB flash drive boot ). Save and exit. 8. Now, the Operation has been completed. You can see that the USB flash drive is started. If your virtual machine is installed on an operating system, especially a Windows system, you can directly use the disk after entering the system. Just like using a USB flash disk in an operating system on a physical machine. Www.2cto.com

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