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The wonderful video application system is a symbol of the broadband network, and an operation-level streaming media Video system can not only improve the satisfaction of the existing users, drive the access of potential users, enhance the attractiveness and loyalty of users, but also the important means to improve the competitiveness of telecom broadband. With the continuous development of the existing broadband market and the user's concept update, streaming media video charges gradually mature, such as VOD video-on-demand service. Therefore, in such an environment, telecom broadband operators take the lead in the introduction of operating-level VOD video-on-demand and webcast services, not only to achieve the above mentioned goals, but also to achieve a virtuous cycle of investment and return.


With the improvement of telecom broadband network and the rapid development of broadband access service, users ' demand for broadband applications is becoming more and more urgent. How to provide these broadband users with multimedia streaming service-oriented VOD video-on-demand, network

Television, internet education, video conferencing, broadband games and many other broadband applications to enrich the user network leisure and entertainment content, promote the further development of broadband access services, improve the competitiveness of broadband services, enhance the user's attractiveness and user loyalty, is the telecommunications in the development of broadband business is facing a major challenge.

However, the problems faced by most telecom companies in streaming VOD video-on-demand live platform include:

1, anti-theft chain, anti-download

The use of a large number of hotlinking and download tools makes the bureau's network and servers overwhelmed, while valuable content cannot be effectively protected.

2. Selection of streaming media platform

Microsoft Microsoft's mediaservices is convenient, advanced, integrated, Low-cost features, is the market mainstream products. And real company's helixserver in high and low bandwidth can provide good audio and video quality, although there is a wide range of advantages, but there are copyright issues, and its genuine copyright licensing costs higher. At the same time, two companies are incompatible with each other's format, and the dual-platform architecture is not easy to manage.

3. Multi-server cluster

In support of tens of thousands of users concurrent requirements, the Bureau is often used to solve the server cluster, and in this way when the storage distribution of the program need to pay attention, the existing three kinds of strategies include:

One is mirroring, each video server stores the same video program, so storage cost is high, inefficient, management trouble, undesirable.

The second is asynchronous, that is, each server to store different programs, so that the number of effective on-demand per program is greatly reduced, such as a server has multiple hit programs easily blocked, and other servers are idle, so it is not recommended.

The third is the CDN intelligent content distributing structure, which is widely used in the large-scale streaming media platform, which can effectively play the function of the platform with the load balanced equilibrium strategy.

4. Management function

The existing system simple management function, not only makes the work efficiency greatly reduces, moreover cannot realize the operation: if does not have the ICP Virtual operator Management module, cannot solve the content source and the copyright question, thus realizes the ISP and the ICP Mutual win.

5. Other


Beijing John Company's shine streaming media value-added application platform belongs to a set of telecom-level value-added service application system, the whole system has a unified, more complete authentication, billing and integrated management functions; with perfect content CDN Distribution strategy, reliable load balancing mode and advanced DRM Digital Rights management system, The powerful backstage management function, and provides the personalized user Service system, supports to the third party content provider ICP the access and the management, realizes to the entire platform to be able to monitor and can manage, supports the prepaid card, will enhance the broadband operator the competitiveness, and supports the IPTV service expansion.

The system will effectively solve the above problems:

1, anti-theft chain, anti-download

John Company adopts dynamic secret key generation verification technology, 32-bit key encryption and a survival certification, effectively prevent users to use a variety of tools to download programs and hotlinking watch programs; perfect anti-theft chain mechanism to avoid the loss of the Bureau in time, and with DRM Digital rights management system to improve the entire platform download mechanism.

2. Selection of streaming media platform

Using the original SHINEMR packaging technology of John Company to combine the advantages of the current two mainstream systems, we have realized the streaming media format file of real company on Microsoft's Mediaservices platform, which can protect the operators ' existing investment to the maximum. So that the operator's current and future costs significantly reduced.

3. Multi-server cluster

Using the CDN Intelligent Content distribution system based on John Technology, the architecture concept of the system is based on the 2/8 principles of science, that is, 80% of the user demand is focused on 20% of the hit show and the latest programs, so the whole system design using the central program Library and the Edge Program library distributed structure to achieve streaming, The program is divided into hit rankings, the latest and non-hit three categories. With John Technology designed for large-scale VOD streaming media platform design multilevel load balancing support strategy, can greatly improve service quality, effectively solve network bottlenecks.

4. Management function

The use of the company's streaming media value-added business operating system, can achieve a strong integrated management functions, to achieve operational level requirements:

Program production: Batch, automatic streaming media program production system.

Live broadcast: Automatic live broadcast, record broadcast, upload and release management.

Site page: Support database structure release, tailored for users.

DRM Management: The process of supporting the production, publishing, downloading, and certification of DRM files.

Program Management: Channels, columns, program creation and maintenance, program release, the list of programs and so on.

User management: Administrator Rights Management, general user information management.

Server Management: Server property Management, Domain Group management, online monitoring.

Billing Management: User consumption real-time checkout system, support the definition of billing strategy, discount strategy.

Load balancing: Multilevel load Balancing support strategy, multiple equalization Strategy intelligent optimization.

ICP Management: The ICP Virtual operators Add, delete, modify, provide streaming media platform sharing.

Statistical report: The number of programs on demand, program charges for statistical analysis.

Monitoring management: Monitoring of server and user status.

Log system: Records the actions of administrators and users.

CDN Management: An intelligent content distribution system that manages content transfer between multiple streaming media servers.

Advertising management: The release of advertising strategy management, the realization of video ads Sentinel spots.

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