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The problem of choosing CodeRush (DevExpress) or ReSharper (JetBrains) has always plagued me. They can improve development efficiency, speed up and simplify software development, it also provides syntax analysis, code highlighting, error prompts, advanced SMART awareness, and code templates. During the selection of code analysis and refactoring plug-ins, I have made some comparisons with them. I want to share them with you and hope to help you.

What are the similarities between CodeRush and ReSharper?

Let's take a look at the similarities between CodeRush and ReSharper. They are all plug-ins of Visual Studio, which can greatly improve work efficiency and code quality. CodeRush and ReSharper mainly optimize code in three ways (there are many other small optimization methods, which will not be described here ):

  • It is easier to determine whether the code segment is compiled by yourself;
  • It is easier to refactor the code;
  • Provides "advanced intelligent sensing (intelliisense on steroids)", greatly reducing the amount of encoding.
CodeRush and ReSharper Functions

CodeRush is a DevExpress product, which is written in their introduction as follows:

For developers, CodeRush is a powerful Visual Studio.. NET plug-in. It leverages the Integrated Technology to Improve the developer experience by promoting the efficiency of developers and teams, and helps developers create and maintain source code with high efficiency. CodeRush has the Consume-first statement, powerful templates, intelligent selection tools, intelligent code analysis, innovative navigation, and unparalleled refactoring sets.

ReSharper is developed by JetBrains and has the following features:

  • Continuous code quality analysis...
  • Instantly fix code errors.
  • 40 widely used code refactoring solutions to ensure secure refactoring of your code library.
  • More than 200 code editing assistants.

Difference between CodeRush and ReSharper

In my personal experience, CodeRush not only has some basic functions of the code analysis plug-in, but also the most important and fundamental point is that CodeRush is a plug-in platform-you can develop plug-ins for CodeRush, instead of IDE plug-ins. It is also worth mentioning that CodeRush's code templates and code refactoring are excellent, but compared with Resharper, CodeRush's syntax highlighting and smart sensing functions are generally used.

Compared with CodeRush, the various features of Resharper are quite satisfactory, and the functions are balanced and easy to use. The Resharper setting function is not as cumbersome as CodeRush, and the flexibility is much worse.

In terms of authorization, CodeRush has only one authorization method, and Resharper is divided into five authorization methods (Commercial authorization, personal authorization, academic authorization ...), The prices of CodeRush are more favorable.

The following table lists some of the most important differences between CodeRush Vs ReSharper:

CodeRush wins in the following scenarios: ReSharper wins in the following scenarios
Code refactoring-fewer operations Enable formatting and refactoring rules only once (one-click repair)
More refactoring Keyword refactoring is more than CodeRush
Better identification of Memory leakage in unmanaged code More code issue reports
Many code snippets-less code, but the premise is to remember shortcuts Better smart sensing and auxiliary functions
Great real-time learning and context-aware window It may be more concentrated in C #, but it is relatively weak in unmanaged code.
Better unit test support Better search

Resharper vs CodeRush performance comparison table

  CodeRush ReSharper
Visual experience Good Average
Reconstruction Effect Very good Average
Code Generation/Code Template Very good Average
Create Template Very good Average
Operation Efficiency Good Okay
Code Analysis Okay Okay
Resources Rich Rich
Opinions of netizens

Recently I used CodeRush for a podcast project and had to lament his advanced technology. I used to use Resharper. His instability caused me a headache. What do you think?-- By Thiru Thirunavukarasu

I have been using CodeRush for more than a year, and he has updated several times this year. Now the running speed is much faster and the memory usage is also less than before.-- By mkm3

I chose CodeRush because it is much lighter than R # And is more suitable for big project development.-- By Tomasz Wisniewski

Resharper is good, that is, memory occupied.-- By McMurphy


CodeRush is more stable than Resharper, and the memory usage is less efficient and cheaper. However, Resharper has a rich set of shortcut keys. If you are familiar with the shortcut keys, Resharper is very efficient.


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