VSFTPD Multi-User login to the corresponding directory method

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At the beginning put on the vsftpd.conf file in the corresponding meaning of each variable link lhq9220 reprint of the other person's link, because is inside the station, so add his network link address http://blog.csdn.net/lhq9220/article/details /6544755

Here's my personal situation.

Configuration of the first vsftpd.conf file:









Ftpd_banner=welcome to VVS ftp!




Second add users and passwords using the ADDUSER directive

Third Create/usr/share/empty directory

The user name in the IV/etc/vsftpd.chroot_list file that adds the second step is a separate row

Fifth/etc/vsftpd.denyuser Write root (note root does not allow FTP login, because root user permissions are too large to prevent accidental deletion)

Sixth (important) Create/var/log/vsftdp.log log file

Seventh if you encounter other problems, use the FileZilla software to log in to the FTP service, review the error code, continue to resolve.

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