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VST full aggregation of the integration of the video site resources, you can also watch the live broadcast, installed on TV basically everything is done. But many netizens do not know VST full aggregation how to install to the television? Here is a detailed VST full aggregation TV version of the tutorial diagram, now can use app TV only smart TV and TV box, both provide a tutorial.

Smart TV:

Take the video Super TV as an example, other installation methods are the same

Although the video Super TV has a lot of resources, but many of these resources need small partners to buy members to watch, then we can install the third party on the TV (VST full aggregation) to watch it, today come with me to try how to operate it!

First, we need to find a computer on the need to install Third-party applications to download, and then copy it to the root directory of U disk;


Second, we will be the TV power-on, find the TV USB interface, and then there will be the APK application file USB disk plug in, generally at this time will automatically pop-up prompts, click "View";

Third, but there is a very small probability will not automatically pop-up prompts, then we need to find "file management" in the application list, click to enter;

Four, well, found a U disk in the third party application files, do not need me to say, small partners click to install!

Five, complete! Then we can use just installed the application to watch the show at will!

Millet box Enhanced version is already the third millet box, performance than the previous two has a great upgrade, but the content is still not so comprehensive, but we can use the installation of Third-party applications to make up the problem, below to see how to operate it!

Smart box:

With the Millet box installation method For example, the other box installation method is basically the same.

First of all, we should now download the full aggregation software apk files, and copy to the root directory of U disk;

Android version

Then we will open the Rice box enhanced version, and then the U disk inserted in the box, a little wait we will see the box home page of the upper part of the interface appear system prompts;

See the hint after we click to enter, and then can find their own U disk folder, at this time we directly click into the folder;

After entering the folder we can find the application apk file stored, click to confirm installation;

Installation finished, we can see the application appears in the main page of the rice box, and then you can use it happily! end!

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