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Don't get busy pulling out your credit card, or going into Apple's store. Of course, you might want to catch up with Apple's latest fashion wave and upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5, known as leopard. The 10.4 version of Tiger has been available for 2.5 of the time, and the new operating system has made a lot of improvements, including a makeover of the user interface, new applications, and improvements to the old program and something inside. Even if you are passionate, you don't have to choose it right away.

Mac OS X Leopard has added more than 300 new features

In fact, Apple has detailed the leopard hardware requirements, which will also cause confusion for some users who use the old computer because they have to update their hardware to use leopard. It doesn't even include the "Classic" Mac OS that some users are using, known as Mac OS 9, and the app hasn't been updated to run in Leopard.

It does not address the situation where some people simply don't want to change and are wary of any newly released operating system. Just as many companies are patiently waiting for the first SP version of Windows Vista.

With this in mind, let's take a look at something that should not be overlooked when considering whether or not to upgrade your Mac at the right time.

One reason: old hardware

If you are using an Intel computer, please don't go into the Apple Store to use your credit card. Leopard will be able to run on all Intel laptops and Desktop Macs, the machines released in January 2006. This is the same for users who use the Power PC G5 processor legacy hardware.

The official installation configuration of Mac OS X Leopard does not seem to be high

However, if your computer is running the Power PC G3, then forget it. Also, if you have hardware that is running under the power PC G4 chip, and the speed is less than 867 MHz, then consider our proposal carefully, as mentioned above. According to Apple, Leopard will not suit you. All you need is at least RAM MB memory, DVD drive, and approximately 9 GB of hard disk space.

Second, two reasons: Mac Classic

If you're still using apps that have been developed for Mac hardware for over six years before Apple goes over to Mac OS X, you can choose from the following scenarios:


You can continue to use these apps in Tiger--unless the replacement software appears, do not use leopard.

If the application you are using has a usable OS X version that allows you to use leopard, you can download the apps.

You can install Tiger on a separate partition on your hard drive, use classic when you need it, and install leopard on other partitions.

On this issue, Apple has made it clear that support for classic will end. You have to pay attention to this: Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself announced a few years ago to stop supporting Mac OS 9.

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