Wang xiao'er is not as good as a year for the Chinese New Year. As long as he persists, there will always be a time of development.

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Wang xiao'er's "Fish Head tofu" said that during the Qing Dynasty emperor Qianlong's parade in Hangzhou, one day served to visit Wushan, because tiangong was not beautiful, and was drenched as a chicken, but helpless to help the mountain Wang Xiaojia. Although the Wang xiao'er family is poor, he generously used the only tofu, fish heads and spinach in the family to make spinach, tofu and fish-headed tofu to entertain uninvited guests. After eating Qianlong, he felt delicious and abnormal. He returned to Beijing and asked the royal dining room to do it, but he thought it was not that kind of taste. When Qianlong visited Hangzhou again, he sent someone to look for Wang xiao'er. The poor Wang xiao'er told me his dilemma was "one year is not as good as one year ". Qianlong rewarded Wang xiao'er with a gift for his meal and offered gold and silver for the store to be opened by Wang xiao'er ". With Emperor Qianlong's favorite "fish-headed tofu", the store's business is booming, and the dilemma of "Wang xiao'er for the Chinese New Year-less than a year" has become history.

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