Wang Yangming's perception of "Xinxue"

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1. "in the sense of conscience, from the hundred dead to the thousand difficulties, the Holy Spirit of the ages has been passed down with a little bit of blood. -- Shunsheng record-yundun 2


Sentiment: There is gold in the disaster. The sky will go down to the ranks of us... Take every hardship and hardship in your life as a challenge, and you will be able to take it to another level. I think I can't help it. I think about how Wang shengren moved stones in the Dragon farm. I am not necessarily worse than him (see Donglin's stone!


2. "The spirit is not ambiguous, and all actions are taken. Out-of-the-box and out-of-the-box. -- Biography record"


Perception: this is me, really me, and super me. How can we wake up the superego in our hearts? You must focus on your work. It is the beginning of poverty. This is really hard to achieve. Now it is still difficult to establish. What is the goal that truly makes you feel at ease? I used to think that I had found the answer, but in the past year I felt that I was lost. I had to look at my friends of the same age who had family and had children. Sometimes I envy ordinary people's life.


3. "In the middle of the queue, it is the same as in the middle and humble.
Mr said: "Each person has a sage in his chest. He is not confident enough to bury himself ." Gu Yuzhong said: "er's chest was originally a saint ."
Do not dare to start from.
Mr said: "This is what we have. How should we push it ?" Yu Zhongyue: 'dare not. '
Mr said: "There are all people, but the situation is in the middle, but why is it modest? ." Yu Zhong is a smile.
-- Biography record"


Perception: everyone has a sage in his heart, but he thinks that he is not a sage, so he buried the sage in his heart. Why? When a saint is too painful to do this, it cannot be touched, because there are lofty moral standards that govern you. Humans are evolved from animals, and they are born with a natural nature that seeks benefits and avoids harm. In order to survive, in order to live better than others, sometimes I have to be an animal or an animal helper. However, after ten years of social competition, I have not been able to sell my ideals and conscience to anyone, so I am confused... In this way, I deeply realized the price to be a saint, and admire those who have successfully made names in history. Most of the successful people and experts in today's society are famous and well-known ordinary people. After a hundred years, they have made great contributions to future generations.


4. "Q:" sound-colored goods are good, and the conscience cannot be absent ." Mr said: "Of course. However, if you are a beginner, you must clean up your work. If you do not keep the accumulation, you can meet your requirements. You are not tired at the beginning, and you should naturally follow it ." -- Biography record"


Feeling: fame and fortune, love, let it go, get me lucky, lose my life. If you treat everything with an ordinary heart, you can gain the freedom of your soul. Very powerful, but I still cannot do this step. Greed is a human nature. It has advantages and disadvantages. For people who like it and external things, anyone must want to possess it for a long time. And when you have it, the test will follow. Can you give up your greed or even your own life to stick to your own conscience and ideals? I registered a "put down" Forum ID in my early s to stick to myself, but I haven't put it down yet. Ah, men are hard...


5. "The gentleman said to the scholar:" I started to learn books, and I got a font on the mogu post. After the pen is not light paper, meditation, shape in the heart, the beginning of its way. After reading Mr Mingdao's book, he said, 'I do my word with respect, but I should only learn it. 'The word must be good, how can we learn? I know that the ancients go to school at any time, but they are well-intentioned ." -- Wang Yangming's full set-year chart


Perception: The key to success is to practice in your mind. Programming is the same as writing a program. To program the process of implementing a function, first draw a flowchart in the mind, where the data flows in, what processing needs to be done, and then where the data is archived. If there is an additional branch option for the data stream, how should we control it. All these links have been passed through in mind, and some technical details have been queried and verified, and then the code is written. After writing the program to the test environment, it is nothing more than comparing and verifying the difference between the concept block diagram and the actual program. The platform and language are determined based on the project requirements. So in the first few days after I got my job, I used Web browsers in my office during the day to surf the Internet, open a notebook, and write down what I found or thought, the materials are similar to those outlined in my mind. Next I will provide an outline and a development schedule. Basically, the architecture diagram that can be transparent in my mind, as long as I open the IDE Editor, No matter what strange bugs and difficulties I encounter during the development process, this cannot be changed, in the end, tasks can always be completed with no risk.


6. "I believe that the god is my heart. Yi is asking various days. People have doubts and are not confident. Therefore, they ask questions in Yi. -- Biography record"


Perception: people must be confident. Asking about ghosts and gods is just not at ease with their own decisions. It gives them an excuse to make their decisions. When I was a child, I was touched by such words when I saw Zheng yuanjie's fairy tale king. Everyone who came to this world was a success, you came to this world only after competing with hundreds of millions of sperm. You are unique. No second person in the world can replace you completely. Therefore, believe that you are the best, you can be the better one in your mind, and your decisions are the best for you. At the same time, once you make up your mind to believe in your choice, you must fully implement it and do not give up. If you are interested, you can read the book The sceret. Although there is some idealism in some places, some ideas and methods in the book are really effective. I have personally experienced this several times.


Finally, I would like to make a summary of my first half of my life: The past years, although there are regrets, have never regretted; the days of the future: look up at the stars, down-to-earth.

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