Wang Zhaoyang: Caring for left-behind children is the responsibility of every entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs are not only in the past, now, or in the future, have played an important role. They are not only important forces to save society, but also the mainstay of economic development.

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Recently, Mr. Wang Zhaoyang, President of Shanghai quality Delivery Investment company, approached the left-behind children, concerned about the growth of the next generation, which is not only the responsibility of the entrepreneur, but also the responsibility of society as a whole, and the responsibilities and obligations of every social adult.

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How to give the left-behind children to take real care, let them at the same time bathed in the motherland of the blue sky under the clouds, feel the warmth from the social family. March 22, reporters from Guizhou Qian Drunk Industry Co., Ltd. learned that in order to consciously assume social responsibility, care Renhuai local children left behind, the next step, they will contribute 500,000 yuan, to the local children to take to the real help.

As a partner of Guizhou Guizhou Drunken Industry Co., Ltd., he just attended "Guizhou Qian Drunk Group National Dealer Conference and first class winery seal altar Celebration" of China free King, Shanghai quality Delivery Investment company President Wang Zhaoyang in the public platform for "public welfare Guizhou," the director of Zhou Xiangyi to talk about the same point of view.

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Mr. Wang Zhaoyang said, "I this rate of 100,000 troops into Maotai, in addition to concern about the development of Chinese sauce fragrant wine industry, revitalize the national economy, as a child from the countryside, I know that our left-behind children, in addition to material scarcity, they need the spiritual level of humane care, We also hope that more caring people and enterprises can participate in, and our left-behind children grow together ".

Mr. Wang Zhaoyang free to the local children material, care about the healthy growth of left-behind children, is each of us should learn the role model. It is hoped that this spirit will carry on forever.

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Wang Zhaoyang: Caring for left-behind children is the responsibility of every entrepreneur

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