Want to change careers to do the development!

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1, do not want to do now so-called test, there is no technical content, although the work of leisure, Unit life is very bright, but the feeling will eventually hurt themselves.

2, a while ago has been looking at Delphi, but to find sub-development work, Delphi or not, the future direction is certainly cross-platform, network interconnection, big data, cloud platform and so on.

3, asked some college students (most of them are development), high school classmates (two or three good relations, also in the development), back recommended I learn Java, later toward big data development.

4, the first hot, the report of the Java Amateur training courses, every day learning points, weekends to learn, try their best.

5, the most important thing is their own hobbies, they are not willing to do this job, can find fun, is not the new technology has super high desire, can delve into.

6, lack of money!

Want to change careers to do the development!

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