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Now WAP website promotion, is still let WAP webmaster quite a headache of a thing, for traffic false, cooperation against their will, advertising too expensive and so on the reality of the problem, the author has a simple study. Now on the WAP website promotion made a simple summary, sent to everyone, is a good introduction:

The first is to burn money type: The typical representative is the aerial network, as the industry big guy, always keep the big guy's high-profile, whether outdoors, or network, everywhere can see their strong figure, but because self-knowledge status disparity, so small webmaster can only look at someone else wine meat, swallow saliva, turned to endure it. After all, the purse does not drum, want to drink meat still want to make a living, the belt still must continue to tighten ~ ~

followed by the Web site Daquan show: Like the beginning of the Internet, the Web site encyclopedia, all kinds of search in the wireless internet spread, through this way to promote the webmaster, but through the Web site Daquan show their most people is the audit time is long and complex process, nature extended the submission cycle, Test stationmaster's patience, also boil without stationmaster of enthusiasm;

The Third Advertising Alliance: limited to the current wireless internet profit model, the promotion method is limited, so the ad league springing up is not surprising, but still because the development of wireless internet is not ripe, the market does not form a clear game rules, so similar to the settlement cycle long, Statistical data on the issue of the credibility of the problem is also continuous, the stationmaster spent the money for the not much is a skeptical data, over time to the advertising alliance also has a suspicion, of course, in had to and very hesitant to move, did not sureness, do not have no way, stationmaster are rare silver flowers very hard;

The third emerging flow of the alliance to try: A recent inattentive and found a friend chain alliance, is said to be dedicated to do the flow, the study of the Alliance of people are some meaning, do not collect money, is very selfless to help people do traffic, a bit. But after the study, the discovery is actually normal, it is said to engage in this alliance is called the website of the Web site navigation station, although the online time is not long, but in the industry is also a small well-known, to their station to understand a bit, submit URLs, automatic audit, cycle long problem is not there, but because it is a new form, How to do still need time to test, but this is also an infinite field of new ideas, new strength, whether or not successful, for the entire industry is the embodiment of progress.

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