Warranty return time

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"Warranty refund time "! Sorry, you may have trouble searching for this word. The trouble may come from the bank or insurance company clerk's flash at the time of purchase. For example, they tell you: this is a high-income financial product, or this is a free insurance for financial management.

If you have reached a full surrender agreement with the insurance company, congratulations. Generally, the surrender time may not exceed 20 days. Based on our long-term processing experience, a maximum of 30 days is preferred! Do not extend the time required for the receipt of funds by the insurance company!

If you are aware that you have been cheated to buy insurance, so you start to search for "Insurance return time", congratulations, you have already taken an accurate step. In the future, you will also encounter a headache: for example, if an insurance company does not refund you in full, you must lose half of the principal and want to compensate for the interest? No door!

What should I do if I encounter these problems? Professional tasks are handed over to professional people! We recommend that you contact a professional insurance lawyer as soon as possible. If none of them can handle the problem, find the country's top insurance complaint refund processing website, www.12345bx.com ), this website's professional level should be the highest in China, but it may offend the interests of many people. Every year, the website will be hacked for a while, which is quite tangled.

If you feel that you have plenty of time and want to handle it on your own, you can try it. Maybe there will be a satisfactory result. Although I wanted to handle it myself at the beginning, I found that the experience and routines of insurance companies in dealing with consumer surrender were too sophisticated. In the end, I would like to ask century Baobao for guidance, the insurance company.

To negotiate with the insurance company about the surrender procedure, you must grasp the evidence that is beneficial to you. After finding the evidence, you are ready to negotiate with the insurance company. But remember the following two principles: one is to record the recordings during phone calls or in-person negotiation with insurance companies, and the other is regardless of the situation, you cannot provide your signature samples to insurance companies. To prevent insurance companies from destroying evidence that is beneficial to you, such as reporting to a higher-level company to help you apply for surrender, and signing your signatures in various names.

In addition, you must think twice about how to deal with insurance companies!

The insurance company will tell you that you are an adult and are responsible for your signature. At the same time, we will also tell you that you are clear when we call you back. Therefore, this insurance is valid !!

The two tactics of insurance companies are very powerful, not only killing the hope of a lot of people for surrender, but also defeating many lawyers !! Therefore, when negotiating with insurance companies, be sure to prepare them first. If they do not, contact the century insurance Internet cafe !! Find a professional person to do professional things.


Warranty return time

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