Ways to add multiple text watermarks to Word

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Click on the menu bar "format"-"Background"-"watermark", pop-up "watermark" Settings window, first select the watermark type: Image watermark or text watermark. If you choose a picture watermark, you can select a picture from your hard disk as a watermark, and you can set the zoom and erosion of the picture. If you choose a text watermark, you can enter the text as a watermark, and set its font, size, color, and so on.

A. Insert a separate watermark for a page

A watermark is actually a picture or WordArt that is lined with text, and the color is set to look like a watermark. Take a look at the following actions:

1. Insert a picture or WordArt. Click on the menu bar "Insert"-"picture", if you are making a picture watermark, please select "From File" or "clip art" and so on, if it is a text watermark, please select "WordArt."

2. Set the inserted picture or WordArt to be "lined with text." Right-click the picture or WordArt, choose Send format Picture or format WordArt, click Layout in the Open window, and select "Lined with text" in the wrapping style.

3. Set the color of the picture or WordArt.

If it's a picture, right-click the picture and choose Format Picture, click on the Fourth tab "Picture" in the Open format picture, select "Eclipse" in the color selection box in image settings, and then set the appropriate brightness.

If it is WordArt, right-click the WordArt and choose Format WordArt. In the Set WordArt format that opens, click Color and Line on the first tab, set the color to gray 25% under Fill, and set the color to gray-25% under line, and then set the appropriate transparency.

This completes the watermark settings for individual pages. Because it is a watermark made in the body, you can modify it without entering the header or footer editor.

Two. Print watermark

You can see the watermark in Print preview, but Word will not print the watermark by default. Click "File"--"print", click on the pop-up "print" window in the lower left corner "options", in the Open Options window in the "Additional information to print documents" check "background color and image."

After the watermark is inserted, the "header" column appears at the top of the page--click on the header--and then point the watermark--eight white dots around the watermark--copy and paste--a new watermark--and then move the watermark--and finally click on the outer page of the watermark. (How many watermarks to paste; the green dots that appear can also adjust the angle)

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