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Introduction to Tap

Tap (www.tap.cn) is a new free self-help website creation service platform. Easy-to-use, professional, and efficient Tap allows you to easily get rid of the limitations of Technology on creativity in the website creation process. With a high degree of freedom, you can quickly increase your site enthusiasm. Tap provides a perfect personalized solution for different users' needs. Tap is always committed to popularizing the core internet application of website construction.



Compared with the personal homepage hosting service that was relatively simple in the early days of the Internet in China, TAP has the characteristics of online construction and WYSIWYG. Compared with the current hot blog, the use of TAP to build a site is more personalized, breaking the embarrassment of a thousand people. In fact, there are some similar self-help website building services abroad, such as Weebly and Jimdo. However, due to the differences in user habits at home and abroad and other special factors, these tools are not suitable for domestic users, TAP has a more local advantage.

  • Completely free: users can create 2 sites for free, and provide second-level domain names for free without any additional ads
  • Drag-and-drop editing: All page elements are displayed in the form of modules, and no code is required.
  • Professional templates: a large number of exquisite templates are available for free, including blogs, albums, resumes, and other categories.
  • Dynamic Data: provides powerful background management functions, allowing you to conveniently add, delete, and modify data.
  • Rich plug-ins: provides practical plug-ins such as traffic statistics, Custom Search, navigation, slides, and online customer service




I think the best way to build self-help websites is Modularization and standardization. Even if you do not understand HTML and CSS, you can make websites that comply with W3C standards. The high-freedom editing function provided by Tap has basically met your needs, some people use Tap as their resumes, some as their personal homepages, some as blogs, some as photo albums, and some as corporate websites. In short, many people have used Tap as websites that can only be thought of before, achieve the webmaster dream. Make a website of your own. The website is www.tap.cn.


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