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Because of something in the family, missed half a month of 5G comments, this week finally again participated in and presided over the long absence of 5G vernacular.

This week, the guest is a set up just half a year, the product has just been online has won tens of millions of dollars VCS new company-the only media.

The only media engaged in the business is both traditional and fashionable, it seems that the only media is a website advertising alliance, but their core direction and focus on the effect of marketing.

So far, the business model, whether Web1.0 or Web2.0, has been fully tested by practice is still advertising. However, the type of advertising on the Internet, with the continuous maturity of the market and the needs of various aspects, also appeared a variety of subdivision types.

The most common pattern is the display of charges, the term CPM (cost per Mille), in the light of how many people see the number of ads to charge. Of course, in order to facilitate the calculation, it is sometimes simplified to show the location of a certain period of time to open a fixed price, anyway, this is closely related to the flow of an advertising calculation method. At present, the typical portal advertising is mainly this mode.

Google AdSense popularity, so that we understand the CPC (cost per click) mode, click Charges. Although Google AdSense supports both the CPM and CPC models, it is mainly CPC based on my understanding. CPC requires users to browse for an effective click on the advertising link, based on the number of clicks to calculate the advertiser's fees. It is generally accepted that this method is helpful to improve the advertising effect and reduce the cost.

While in theory, especially Google keyword-related technologies emphasize the importance of improving advertising efficiency by matching the text as much as possible, in fact, CPM and CPC are positively correlated with traffic. The greater the flow, advertisers need to pay the higher the cost of advertising, the face of the invalid put higher.

The current mainstream of Chinese internet advertising is the main form of CPC and CPM, from the portal, Google AdSense, Baidu's bidding rankings to a variety of large and small web site alliance, without exception.

In the aftermath of CPM and CPC, new forms of advertising have evolved, and the terminology that comes with it is also flying. For example, the CPA (cost per action) for each operation costs, CPR (costs per Response) for each response cost, CPP (costing per Purchase) for each purchase cost, PFP (pay-for-performance) pay by performance, CPL (cost per Leads) to collect the number of potential customers to charge, CPS (costs per sales) in the actual sale of products to convert the amount of advertising.

These terms are very easy to confuse people, some of the terminology is actually one thing or the same, simple look, we can call them effect marketing. That is, according to the actual advertising delivery of a quantifiable effect as the basis for pricing, to advertisers charge.

For example, only if a user clicks on an ad link and completes a subsequent behavior advertiser pays the fee, common behaviors include user registration or filling out a questionnaire. Use the above terminology to set up, can be counted as CPA or Cpl.

The more common is that we are more familiar with the when and excellent way, users click on an ad link and complete a purchase behavior, advertisers (when or excellence) to the display of advertising content of the media to pay fees, the amount is often based on the user's purchase quantity or amount set a fixed proportion or amount. Set according to the above terminology, can be considered as CPS or CPP. Web2.0 's representative website Watercress, whose main source of income has been relied upon and when distinguished by this purchase is divided. Of course, the premise is through the Douban station link access to the Web page and complete the order.

According to the 5G famous Black mouth Bing uncle's view, the current Chinese market mainstream way, whether it is the CPC or CPM, are the advertising Federation and Personal web site United through traffic to cheat advertisers money game. Although this is a bit extreme, in fact, the CPC and CPM are indeed unfavorable to advertisers, the main reason is that CPM and CPC is very easy to cheat. Therefore, in this context, advertisers would like to have a more favorable way for them to put forward the advertising costs to the ex-post to the actual effect of the Pay Commission model. And now the only thing the media has to do is to create such an internet-based platform for marketing by effect.

Through the Internet, advertisers, personal webmaster and the only media company constitute a tripartite participation, the common game platform, the only media to maintain the openness and fairness of the platform. Advertisers through the only media to distribute their own ads to a large number of personal sites, the only media to help monitor and check the effect of advertising, from advertisers to collect advertising fees and to achieve a divided calculation and distribution.

and personal webmaster In addition to direct and advertisers to do business, now can also through the only media and more advertisers to establish business contacts, the benefits of this is nothing more than a stronger bargaining power, more fair performance calculation and lower technology input costs.

Effect marketing is undoubtedly a good thing, the only media dedicated to creating an effective marketing platform for the supply chain downstream participants to provide services is an excellent direction, but in my personal view, there are two key issues to be resolved and breakthroughs.

First, there are too few advertisers who can pay advertising costs in accordance with the effect of marketing. In the most obvious way, the increase of advertisers depends on the further popularization and even explosive growth of e-commerce. China's current unique e-commerce approach makes the standard mode of business has not been a major breakthrough and progress, we can think of this way to provide advertising in the handful of owners. Under the banner of c2c in fact, it does bring a great opportunity to Taobao, but Alibaba does not seem to be the future of this part of the cake to others too much, at least for now we have seen they launched Ali mother. (Of course, the current Ali mother is not a standard effect of marketing, this topic will be free to communicate with you later, but also need to observe, learn)

Second, because it can provide such an effect to pay the advertisers too little, then in the short term, can let personal webmaster even bloggers to participate in the pie seems too small. As Uncle Bing's judgment, if I can easily through the flow way to the CPC, CPM to make money, then there is no need to use the effect of marketing this striking tricks. After all, according to the actual transaction orders are more conducive to advertisers, unless my site can match the content of advertisers more accurate, my site can give the end user's purchase behavior to give a strong incentive, causing him immediately through my website to achieve sales behavior.

The opportunity and the question all finished, the summary time I thought still must take the personal position chart to say. For a blogger or personal webmaster, although I should be concerned about the growth of China's e-commerce and the only media can be successful, but in terms of interests, I take for granted, should unconditionally welcome the emergence of the only media. The reason is simple, the only media provides a new way to activate assets. If my blog is also regarded as a media, if I this media also want to earn advertising revenue, then the only media and Google Adsense, website Alliance, Feedsky Lu Xinchin topic ads, have added a new way of making money. How much I can earn is not my problem, this is precisely the only media and advertising alliance to think about, in my position, I can only say that all come to send money we welcome. Finally, we left the one with the most money to send!

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