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Template Development Help Handbook


A template is a static text mixed with something else, something called a template tag.

Two kinds of engines

The template engine is divided into two types, analytic and compiled. As with the programming language, what is known is that the analytic programming language, such as some script Python, PHP, is written out by the direct text editor and then runs under the interpreter. For example, C, after the program has been edited, the compiler needs to be translated into binary files to run.

And this template applies a similar concept:

The analytic template is to replace the template label in the template text with the corresponding text, and get the text of the page.

Instead, the compiler replaces the template label of the template text with the code of the executable PHP script and executes it. High efficiency ratio.

Weaving dreams is a mixture of the two. As for how these two are used.


P.S. Factory recruitment was rejected again, it seems to be because of vision, need to naked 0.6 or more. Slightly bumpy.

Weave Dream Template Development-label type

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