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When the Web 2.0 existing Web site gradually lost freshness, the new batch of Web 2.0 site began to flood the Internet users, this emphasis on "You" network era really arrived?

Over the past two years, it's been like a forest fire that suddenly heats up on the internet and burns the entire internet in an unstoppable way.
Today, it moves from the concept to the application, from the nameless to the uproar. This thing called "WEB 2.0" has long been a buzzword in the IT industry. But does it really constitute an indispensable part of our online life?

1% manufacturing, 9% sharing, 90% consumption

Web 2.0 is a popular buzzword in the media in recent years, but does this internet era, which emphasizes people-oriented, really come into being? Please don't be misled, according to the latest network survey results, the real situation is still very far.

According to Hitwise, a network analysis agency, only 0.16% of YouTube users of Google's most famous video-sharing site uploaded their own videos, while only 0.2% of Yahoo's famous photo-sharing website Flickr uploaded their new photos.

This is true even for social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Photobucket. The best wikipedia Wikipedia encyclopedia, and only 4.6% of users will contribute their strength.

The WEB 2.0 era has not come

Hitwise, at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco in April this month, released a survey of 25 million users ' online records and 860,000 Web site traffic data.

Hitwise's traffic-tracking data also showed that Web 2.0 Web sites accounted for 12.28% of the overall internet usage, a number that was only 2% when Web 2.0 first appeared. The vast majority of users use the Internet and the habit of watching TV, just like passive appreciation, and do not like to create their own content.

Although the number of Web 2.0 Web sites has risen by 668% in two years, the momentum is promising, but the agency believes the Web 2.0 era has not arrived.

The minority leads the network trend

Through research on YouTube, Wikipedia, and Flickr, Hitwise tracks the content of consumers and producers of the site. If the user is divided into 18-34-and 35-55-year-olds, the former is usually the consumer of most content, while the latter uploads a large number of photos, videos or edits to Wikipedia entries.

Hitwise's research also shows that a small number of netizens have led the online trend, including "intellectual millionaires (money and Brains)", "Younger computer experts (young Digerati)" and "Bohemian clan (Bohemian Mix)", These three kinds of people only accounted for 2% of the number of Internet users, the relative proportion of 1:9:90.

This means that in the Web 2.0 Internet World, 1% of people make content, 9% people spread and share, and 90% people just consume content, they don't care about Web 2.0 at all.

When will Web 3.0 arrive?

The WEB 2.0 concept has been going on for some time, and someone will ask what will be next.

In fact, the web does not yet have an official version number, but community members will give it a different number at different stages of its development. The web began with 1.0, with information publishing as its key concept, and Web development to 2.0, with particular emphasis on user involvement. So what will the next version of the Web bring to netizens?

In common sense, the WEB 3.0 is the next version of course, and there are already people talking about it.

It is understood that some of the core concepts of WEB 3.0 include: making technology available to more people, exploring the idea of forever online and forever serving, and most importantly addressing privacy issues, as more and more personal information is posted on the web.

Perhaps from the following will replace the Web 2.0 佼佼 Web site of the Up-and-comer, we can glimpse the Web 3.0 development momentum.

Next search site Google--powerset (www.powerset.com)

Next Video Share youtube--loopt (www.loopt.com)

Next online social myspace--blue Dot (www.bluedot.us)

Next music sharing Itunes--pandora (www.pandora.com)

Next classified ad craigslist--yelp (www.yelp.com)

Concept hype or technology bubbles?

The concept of "WEB 2.0" began in the years before a conference, from O ' Reilly and medialive two international companies in the brain agitation between the birth.

1.5 of the time after that meeting, the word "WEB 2.0" has been deeply rooted. Today, you can search for more than 330 million links from Google. However, there is still a great deal of disagreement about the meaning of Web 2.0, with some people understanding Web 2.0 as a new network idea, while others are belittling Web 2.0 as a meaningless marketing hype. It is even likened to another storm after the dotcom bust of 2001.

We are the network .

Whether this is a turnaround for the Internet or another crisis. WEB 2.0 is still the hottest word on the Internet. This is a revolutionary technology, but also like the concept of things, according to the general view, users on the site to share their words, pictures, videos, this new generation of Web site is the Web 2.0, that is, "we are the network."

Blog,rss,tags,ajex,flickr,wiki ... These technical terms make up today's Web 2.0. The biggest difference between Web 2.0 and Web 1.0 is that the user has become a "participant" and "creator" of 2.0 times from the "consumer" of the 1.0 period.

netizens become net Master

In the past web 1.0 times, we internet users are known as "netizens", nomadic nomads online, as the name suggests, the Internet does not have our own territory, can only look at those big and small portal site, go in. And now, we are the masters of the Web, such as Wikipedia, anyone can publish, edit, comment, attention, is anyone, he will open and trust to do extreme.

Now in the Web 2.0 era, you don't need to know much advanced knowledge, ASP, PHP, SQL, you do not need to understand, you just move your brain, get enough eye-catching enough personality blog, write your ideas, put your wonderful moments posted out, so, you have a place on the internet belong to their own territory. WEB 2.0 has become a platform for everyone to perform.

we are in the Web 2.0 World

Yang Nanya Area Software Practice Strategy Partner Sales Director Wang Nengde said that the Internet is without any boundary distinction, so the network world is actively promoting the second-generation network (Web2.0) are related to each person, whether you are online users or not.

"I sent a question in a lecture session: Which one didn't use online banking?" No one at the audience held up his hand. ”

actively invest in Web 2.0

"If our country has already boarded the Web 2.0 train," he pointed out to the information network of this newspaper. Yes, China is not only involved in it, but also very actively engaged in the Web 2.0 World Development, and the blog site is the best proof. ”

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