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In today's development environment, fast is good.

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In today's development environment, fast is good.

Popular words and terminology such as "rapid application Development", "Agile Software Development" and "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (now we can't even wait patiently for a Web page to reload) give you an insight into what a fast-paced world it is.

But being in a hurry doesn't mean you have to work overtime-you need to be a bit of a brain at work. This article will provide you with ten time-saving tips for shortening Web application development.

I. Use of the framework

The framework extracts the regular code and provides a basic structure and foundation for you to write Web applications.

A very typical example in the framework is that Rails,rails is a Web application development framework for the Ruby programming language. By providing you with a prepared code package (for example, like user input validation-you're not just saving time to write your own code in Ruby--you're also aware that these packages have withstood the testing and testing of other developers, which can cut you a lot of trouble when it comes to breadth testing, You can also avoid potential vulnerabilities caused by a lack of testing.

The same benefits apply to JavaScript frameworks that use such mootools. These frameworks provide you with a number of classes of methods that are provided by core developers and communities and are tested by extensive testing in many browsers. Client script language Framework also has Jquery,prototype JS, as well as Yui. If you want to use some Non-mainstream JS framework, you can take a look at this highly potential JavaScript framework list.

For server-side frameworks, you can consider cake, CodeIgniter, Zend, or Symphony. If you like VB and C # Microsoft supported languages, you can consider. NET Framework.

You can even use CSS frameworks like 960Grid or blueprint to quickly write and standardize your own style of page structure.

Second, the use of integrated development environment

Of course, you can create Web applications and their pages using only a text editor such as Notepad and FTP. But I think most people think this is not a sensible way to develop complex and robust web projects.

The integrated development Environment (IDE) prepares you for the collection of tools you need to create and manage large web site projects. The functionality of the integrated development environment has been changing, but they all have the following common features

Project management and team collaboration capabilities.

Debugging and diagnostics capabilities.

Syntax hints and autocomplete (the IDE guesses the syntax you want to write)

Syntax highlighting

Built-in FTP to synchronize files on local and remote hosts

The word "IDE" may be a bit fancy, and some people are not familiar with it, but large data people should have heard of Adobe's Dreamweaver. Dreameweaver can be viewed as an integrated development environment. Because it contains some of the features mentioned above to help you write code faster. (He is usually suitable for front-end production.) But it also supports server-side languages, like PHP and ASP.net.

Now that you have a lot of Ides on the Web, all you have to do is pick one for yourself (or your team). Like some popular, full-featured Ides such as Eclipse, Komodo IDE, NetBeans, Visual Studio, and Aptana Studio.

If, after you see this, you're still determined to use a text editor, you should at least look at the text editor collection for code workers.

Third, the appropriate modularity

Modularity is the key to creating a complex application that is easy to maintain and extend. In essence this means that the code will be written in small parts, rather than writing all the code in a large file.

Modularity starts with its own time cost (because you have to spend a lot of effort in designing the file structure). However, when you need to change a part or want to expand your application, this will save you a lot of time.

Modularity also allows bugs to be confined to the module, and if there is a problem, you will quickly find out what the problem is.

But the misuse of modularity can lead to bloated code and too many unnecessary include statements, which can greatly slow down the entire application. So between the high and low modularity, we need to strike a good balance point.

Some modular design patterns include MVC and PAC patterns.

Iv. using browser tools to efficiently troubleshoot front-end problems

There is nothing worse than dealing with Cross-browser compatibility and parsing problems. This pole thing is going to make you mad, and it gives you a sense of frustration that almost makes you feel like you can't drop something. But the debugging tools that integrate into the browser make it fast and efficient to find and diagnose front-end problems.

Firebug and web Developer are absolutely necessary time-saving tools, and they have become a prerequisite for front-end Web developers. Firbug can easily view the DOM to understand its rationale, and can adjust css/html/js in the run, and in addition to debugging and commenting (profile) your javascrpt code, help you get at the beginning what is the situation that caused your script to run interrupted. Web Developer provides you with a series of useful tools, such as tools that let you click on a page element to see which style statements affect the element, and also make it easy for you to disable JavaScript and CSS, Lets you know how your page works without javascript or CSS.

If you need to debug in IE browser, you can try IE Developer Tool bar. It is functionally similar to Firebug and web Developer. If you want to find more integration in the browser in the IE debugging tools to help you I save debugging time, you can click on this link.

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