[Web chart Series 4] graphic layout-js Design and Implementation of Layout

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You can locate the chart, VML, SVG, and HTML5 canvas of the browser in different ways.

If you use the existing JS Library (various libraries that implement JS charts to summarize and compare), the API calling method is certainly different.

For example, you can use addfigure and setposition in draw2d to set the position of an image.

It is obviously not wise to mix layout in a specific technology or library.

Split, layout is applicable to any drawing. It is discussed in this chapter.

The idea of implementation is actually very simple. It maintains a JS object (graph ). Record the node and edge information in this object. The node contains the following information: id -- symbol X -- X coordinate Y -- y coordinate shape -- the drawn figure, before creating a graph node, you must maintain the information of the graph node. Graph example

var Graph = function() {this.nodeSet = {};this.nodes = [];this.edges = [];this.adjacency = {};this.nextNodeId = 0;this.nextEdgeId = 0;this.eventListeners = [];};var Node = function(id, data) {this.id = id;this.data = typeof(data) !== 'undefined' ? data : {};};var Edge = function(id, source, target, data) {this.id = id;this.source = source;this.target = target;this.data = typeof(data) !== 'undefined' ? data : {};};Graph.prototype.addNode = function(node) {if (typeof(this.nodeSet[node.id]) === 'undefined') {this.nodes.push(node);}this.nodeSet[node.id] = node;this.notify();return node;};Graph.prototype.addEdge = function(edge) {var exists = false;this.edges.forEach(function(e) {if (edge.id === e.id) { exists = true; }});if (!exists) {this.edges.push(edge);}if (typeof(this.adjacency[edge.source.id]) === 'undefined') {this.adjacency[edge.source.id] = {};}if (typeof(this.adjacency[edge.source.id][edge.target.id]) === 'undefined') {this.adjacency[edge.source.id][edge.target.id] = [];}exists = false;this.adjacency[edge.source.id][edge.target.id].forEach(function(e) {if (edge.id === e.id) { exists = true; }});if (!exists) {this.adjacency[edge.source.id][edge.target.id].push(edge);}this.notify();return edge;};Graph.prototype.newNode = function(data) {var node = new Node(this.nextNodeId++, data);this.addNode(node);return node;};Graph.prototype.newEdge = function(source, target, data) {var edge = new Edge(this.nextEdgeId++, source, target, data);this.addEdge(edge);return edge;};// find the edges from node1 to node2Graph.prototype.getEdges = function(node1, node2) {if (typeof(this.adjacency[node1.id]) !== 'undefined'&& typeof(this.adjacency[node1.id][node2.id]) !== 'undefined') {return this.adjacency[node1.id][node2.id];}return [];};// remove a node and it's associated edges from the graphGraph.prototype.removeNode = function(node) {if (typeof(this.nodeSet[node.id]) !== 'undefined') {delete this.nodeSet[node.id];}for (var i = this.nodes.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {if (this.nodes[i].id === node.id) {this.nodes.splice(i, 1);}}this.detachNode(node);};// removes edges associated with a given nodeGraph.prototype.detachNode = function(node) {var tmpEdges = this.edges.slice();tmpEdges.forEach(function(e) {if (e.source.id === node.id || e.target.id === node.id) {this.removeEdge(e);}}, this);this.notify();};// remove a node and it's associated edges from the graphGraph.prototype.removeEdge = function(edge) {for (var i = this.edges.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {if (this.edges[i].id === edge.id) {this.edges.splice(i, 1);}}for (var x in this.adjacency) {for (var y in this.adjacency[x]) {var edges = this.adjacency[x][y];for (var j=edges.length - 1; j>=0; j--) {if (this.adjacency[x][y][j].id === edge.id) {this.adjacency[x][y].splice(j, 1);}}}}this.notify();};/* Merge a list of nodes and edges into the current graph. eg.var o = {nodes: [{id: 123, data: {type: 'user', userid: 123, displayname: 'aaa'}},{id: 234, data: {type: 'user', userid: 234, displayname: 'bbb'}}],edges: [{from: 0, to: 1, type: 'submitted_design', directed: true, data: {weight: }}]}*/Graph.prototype.merge = function(data) {var nodes = [];data.nodes.forEach(function(n) {nodes.push(this.addNode(new Node(n.id, n.data)));}, this);data.edges.forEach(function(e) {var from = nodes[e.from];var to = nodes[e.to];var id = (e.directed)? (id = e.type + "-" + from.id + "-" + to.id): (from.id < to.id) // normalise id for non-directed edges? e.type + "-" + from.id + "-" + to.id: e.type + "-" + to.id + "-" + from.id;var edge = this.addEdge(new Edge(id, from, to, e.data));edge.data.type = e.type;}, this);};Graph.prototype.filterNodes = function(fn) {var tmpNodes = this.nodes.slice();tmpNodes.forEach(function(n) {if (!fn(n)) {this.removeNode(n);}}, this);};Graph.prototype.filterEdges = function(fn) {var tmpEdges = this.edges.slice();tmpEdges.forEach(function(e) {if (!fn(e)) {this.removeEdge(e);}}, this);};Graph.prototype.addGraphListener = function(obj) {this.eventListeners.push(obj);};Graph.prototype.notify = function() {this.eventListeners.forEach(function(obj){obj.graphChanged();});};

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