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Page page is always a kind of internal contact with a variety of colors, composed of a complete unified whole, the formation of the overall trend of color, called hue. Can also be understood as the color state. The color gives the person the feeling and the atmosphere, is affects the color matching visual effect the decisive factor.

In order to make the overall picture of the Web page appear stable and harmonious feeling, in order to fully grasp its law to better analysis and learning, we have introduced the tone of the visual role of the primary and secondary position of several concepts, but also introduced the color contrast. Today we introduce the harmony of colors.

Two or more of the color reasonable collocation, resulting in a unified harmonious effect, known as color harmony. Color harmony is the important means to achieve the unity of vision and to reach people's psychological balance.

Harmony is unity, the following four methods can achieve the purpose of reconciling the color of the page.

Harmony of the same color

The same hue, different lightness and purity of the color harmony. Make it produce order of gradual, in lightness, purity change, make up the monotonous feeling of the same hue.

→ The same color of the harmonic Web page example diagram: http://www.solar1.org

The same color of the harmonic Web page example diagram

Harmonic analysis of the same color:

The same color gives people a pretty good sense of harmony. They are usually in the same hue, through the brightness of the black and white gray or the difference between the purity of a slightly different, resulting in its subtle rhythmic beauty. In order not to make the entire page appear too monotonous, some pages are added to the extremely small other colors to do embellishment. This page uses the same color yellow series, yellowish, lemon yellow, in Huang, through lightness, purity of subtle changes to produce a smooth rhythm of beauty.


The same color is called the safest color collocation method.

A similar blend of colors

In the color loop, the closer the hue is to the more harmonic. It mainly relies on the common color between similar colors to produce a function.

→ Similar color of the harmonic Web page example: http://www.solar1.org

A similar color of the harmonic Web page example diagram

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