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How to design the classical style? Ryan Boudreaux, which focuses on web development for the hospitality industry and the federal government, published an article on the topic "Web Design themes:create a vintage look and feel." CSDN has compiled the text as follows:

Have you been asked to create a commercial website with a classical style? In our small town, there are some small businesses selling classical goods, your city may also have it. Classical is a hot topic in many businesses and organizations. This type of business includes second-hand clothing shops, consignment shops, specialty food stores, craft boutiques, furniture city, cheap markets, photography shops and so on.

I also noticed that many of these businesses do not have their own websites. Even if there is, the style of the website and the identity of the merchant does not match. The identity of the merchant is not incorporated into the web design. This article will show how to design the classical style.

The revelation that the past has given us

Figure 1

Steampunk (steampunk) is a popular science fiction problem in the early the 1980s to 90, taking the steam age as the background, expanding the power of steam infinitely, building a surreal technology world. The essence of this era can be found in novels and movies, such as the Jules Verne's novel, "Undersea 20,000" (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) film, It tells of a 19th century ocean reconnaissance team who discovered the future submarine Nautilus, commanded by Captain Nemo. There is also the time Machine (Machine), which is made up of H.G. Wells's novel is an adaptation of the Victorian Britons ' time machine, which they have built in the next 800,000 years. Ancient themes can be found in numerous works, including television, video games, music, behavioral art, networking, role-playing games, literature, comics and comic-book novels-all inspired by the creation of classical-style websites.

Figure 2

Ancient posters, illustrations, movie posters similar to fig. 1, vintage ads (including printed, handwritten), old cars, televisions, radios, old pictures-especially old, dusty colors and text-are also important sources of inspiration.

Architecture is also a source of efficacy. For example, Belgian architect Victor Horta's work, the 1928 Tournai Art Museum (Musée des Beaux-Arts in Tournai) was one of his works. (See Figure 2)

Classical Style and theme

Classical styles and themes are categorized by age or theme, and the greatest impact on popular culture can be retained for decades. Today, topics that are still appropriate for classical design include:



Art Deco

New Art style (art Nouveau)

Art Technology era

Asian Antiques




Coins and stamps

Collection items




The Army and the war



Albums and albums


Wait a minute


The rapid development of classical style works, cartography has a significant role. Now there are a lot of free resources, shareware, low-cost graphics can be used.

You don't have to design your own graphics, you can buy some, and then edit it. Graphic River offers a number of badge-type graphics made by the Sneek Digital company. Where the "8 Retro Vintage Badges" only needs 6 dollars to download the editable PSD file. Graphic River has more than 260 classical badges available for purchase, ranging from 2 dollars to 8 dollars, including labels, timetables, logos, stamps, stickers, mailing lists, backgrounds, travel stickers, navigational elements, retro-web elements, 404 pages, boxes, and more. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3

Another important source of graphics is the Vintage Graphics Board (Vintage Graphics Board) in the Pinterest Web site. Contains 705 pins (pin: The literal meaning is a pushpin, which can be understood to attach a picture (or video) to a board (Board), which is straightforward to understand is the collection of a picture (or video)). If graphics are not used directly, you can also get inspiration for designing your own work from the site. (See Figure 4)

Figure 4

Squidoo has a great article on graphic design, with a series of vintage pictures and antique clip art, including retro-style advertising, old age photos, vintage greeting cards, and so on.

Fonts and glyphs

Make sure that the selected fonts and font styles blend in with your classical design style. Here are several fonts that are suitable for classical design.

Summertime: A font designed for classical design by Sara. See Figure 5.

Figure 5

Futura Condensed Medium: Originally designed by Paul Renner in 1927. The font is based on the design concept of the geometry in the 1919-1933-year Bauhaus design style. See Figure 6.

Figure 6

Lobster: Designed by Impallari. See Figure 7.

Figure 7

Rockwell: Originally from Monotype Foundry's internal studio was designed in 1934 for the serif font, belonging to the slab serif class. See Figure 8.

Figure 8

Chunk Five: Is the slab serif series of the Super coarse font, it will be reminiscent of the ancient American west of the woodcut painting, newspaper headlines. Mainly used to highlight, the font is fully applicable to modern. See Figure 9.

Figure 9

Henry Jones has published a "Fonts Perfect for Vintage and Retro Style" on the Web Design Ledger website, which lists more fonts, and you can get more inspiration from it. The vintage typography group in the Flickr site lists more than 9,400 images, claiming to be the ultimate source of classical typography, including all the typesetting elements in advertising, posters, cards, tickets, packaging, etc., such as styles, logos, and text. The screenshot is shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10

A Web site with a classical design style

Finally, share six classical design-style Web sites, hoping you can get more inspiration and opportunity from them.

Mom and Popcorn

Level Two

The New York Moon

The cottonseed oil Tour

Island Photo Booth

Font Diner

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