Web Design tips: Parallax scrolling effects and graphical representation in Web pages

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Article Description: One parallax scrolling effect Parallax scrolling.

One parallax scrolling effect Parallax scrolling

Have you ever played a game on a red or white machine or a little bully in your childhood?

These games basically are through the foreground and the background when the scene moves to produce the different disparity, thus achieves the simple stereoscopic effect

So the parallax scrolling is not a new thing, we played when we were kids ...

At present, this kind of parallax scrolling effect is used by more and more foreign websites, which becomes the hot trend of web design.

Give it a redefinition

But the use of this kind of effect also needs to look at the specific environment and the overall performance of the final page, to prevent the page too much procrastination. Secondly, the design should have a very tight correlation between the main characteristics of the Parallax scrolling effect: 1, intuitive design, rapid response speed, more suitable for the use of single page 2, differential scrolling layered disparity page Many of the elements in each other independently rolling, if we to the other layered words, there can be two to three layers: the background layer, the content layer, Texture layer (Can you make it more?) Is there any way to do it visually? The implementation rules for differential scrolling: scrolling (the second slow) content layer of the scrolling (the slowest) layer of the background layer (the elements between the content and background layers) (which can be consistent with the scrolling speed of the page) we have three layers rolling at different speeds, make a beautiful difference scrolling effect as a designer, you can ...

1, the use of large background

These background images are generally high-resolution, large graphs that cover the entire site. HD photo is a quick grasp of the audience a good way to produce a very powerful visual effect, the user's sight will unconsciously fall on the broad background note: 1. 1, the background of the color, content in the selection to be very fastidious, the premise is not to destroy the user experience, otherwise beautiful photos are in vain. The best choice of picture type tends to some softer, slightly transparent category, do not affect the content of the Web site reading, recognition, pay attention to coordination. 1.2, a large number of pictures as the characteristics of the page should consider the image of the preload problem, in order to provide users with a better and smoother visual experience.

2, you can also use a simple color scheme

There is no more intuitive and concise background than a solid color. A solid color can be expressed in many ways. The color of a parallax range is best maintained using 2 to 3 kinds, we can adjust the transparency of the color to achieve a variety of visual effects

3, positioning the background layer, the relationship between the map layer and the content layer

Based on the functionality of the page itself, it is necessary to define the existence of a texture layer to communicate the visual effects more effectively. But if it becomes a distraction, it's going to go against what we're using. The presentation of the content layer is the most important, regardless of the background layer and the number of layers of fancy, in the designer design process, The content layer is the top priority for the user to display

4. Telling stories

Strong performance, simple style and aesthetic sense of design together constitute an excellent interactive narrative experience. We often hear such words: content is kingly, technology is just a tool to achieve content. When you can successfully combine powerful information with beautiful executive power, you can create people like and enjoy the experience. ———— Wieden+kennedy

Visualization of two data--Information graphic design

Story 1 traditional mercury thermometer and large letter mercury Thermometer

Story 2 red light? Green?

These are the simple application of graphic design in the daily life, graphic design is an expression of information visualization the graphical data is derived from the visualization of the data, which is an expression of the information that is different from reading in a way that can be viewed with the eyes. This visual expression should not merely provide an explanation, but rather provide the reader with an understanding of the universality of the method of conclusion. Today, visual expression is far more bright than simple pie or bar charts, making information more interesting, including design trends, creative innovation, and so on.

Design process of graphical and visual deviation in product application

PostScript: This is done before a share of content, and recently some students in doing visual poor encounter some problems, asked me to share this, so the hair out, I hope to be able to do similar design in some help

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