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  • Resources of senior professional designers

This is the 130 web design tools collected by Mashable, covering all the tools and resources required by beginners and senior web designers. This is the first part. For more information, see Web Development Toolkit: part 1 and part 2 of 120 web development tools.

Beginner's resources

Yaml builder-easy-to-use yaml (yet another multicolumn Layout-Do column layout) XHTML/CSS Site Layout

Sky CSS tool-JavaScript CSS Tool

The box office-CSS format tool for text around images

Csstxt-Online CSS text style Generator

Izzymenu.com-free CSS menu

Pform-HTML form generation tool

Roxer-drag-and-drop Website Design Tool

Wirenode-create a mobile site

Doodlekit-online website design and CMS system, including form generator, PayPal component vehicle, interchangeable layout and images, built-in Image Library

Dotemplate-customizable website templates

Templatr-online tool for creating website templates

Agency of record-a website design and hosting platform for creative designers.

Typechart-font and CSS style

CSS type set-create a personalized CSS Font Style

Csstype-test various Web security typographical styles and obtain the corresponding CSS

CSS builder-quickly generate CSS

Firdamatic-design 2 or 3 blog pages without using table

Psycho-blog template design

Folionow-Easy to use with cheap website design tools

Csstxt-custom CSS text style

Viviti-easy-to-use website design tools

Comfypage-simple and easy-to-use free website design tools, customizable templates, and add any multi-page

-Free Website builder and hosting for your ants that includes des
Customizable menus, daily specials, printable coupons, and
More. Free Website Design Tools for hotels and hotels. Includes customizable menus, daily specials, and coupons.

Webon-a free, ad-free website design tool that can be used to design blogs, albums, and video sites

Infogami-quick website design with customizable templates.

Edicy-create a website and use your own domain name to go online

Jimdo-a website creation tool that integrates various images and videos

Webnode-create personal or corporate websites for free, drag-and-drop operations, tags, and free hosting

Iompi-create an e-commerce website

Easysite.com-website creation tools, including photos, videos, blogs, and free phone support

Myfamily.com-free and unlimited home website creation

Momentville-free wedding website creation tool

Seeyouthen! -Wedding website creation tools, including high-resolution photo exchange, private messages, and guest information

Gohoster-a free website creation tool for sub-domain names

Blinkweb-a free drag-and-drop website design tool with e-commerce options

Macrocasa-Real Estate Industry website creation tools, including intermediary message system and Customer Management System

Pixie-a free and open-source website creation tool with an intuitive interface for easy installation and deployment

Squarespace-a powerful website creation tool, including XHTML verification, WYSIWYG editor, and blog platform.

Nicedit-cross-platform content editor that allows you to directly edit website content in a browser

WordPress theme generator-you can use this tool to create fully customized WordPress Themes.

Resources of senior professional designers

CSS superdouche-purify CSS to reduce its complexity

Code beautifier-CSS code format and Optimization

CSS fly-edit CSS and XHTML in the browser

CSS drive CSS compressor-CSS compression Tool

Clean CSS-CSS purification and optimization tools

Em calculator-convert PX-based dimensions to em

CSS redundancy checker-clear unused CSS selector and check excess code in CSS

Graybit-converts a colored website to grayscale to test accessibility

Protoshare-create a website model and obtain feedback, ideas, and suggestions from the team

Most sliced-image slicing service list, including evaluation and user rating

Inserit-a CMS system for web designers

Lightcms-CMS system

Clickbooq-website creation and management tools

Jumpchart-website planner, which can output clean CSS/XHTML

Inblogit-blog tool that can be integrated into any website

Reflect-website design and hosting platform

Carbonmade-allows designers to present their works online

Themespress-convert a template file to a WordPress topic

Feng Gui-this is an interesting tool that simulates the impression of a human being seeing a webpage in five seconds and analyzes the most easily noticed hot spots on your webpage.

Text generator-lorem ipsum

Webvanta-commercial website creation and hosting

Tuplix-change content directly on the webpage

Foliosnap-tools used by creative designers to present works

Frontfriend-CMS system for website designers. forms and templates can be created for end users

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  • Web Development Toolkit: 120 web development tools (below)

International Source: http://mashable.com/2008/11/05/web-design-toolbox/
Source: comsharp CMS (ruishang enterprise CMS) Official Website

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