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[22:35:37 | Author: onling] some very small design details. Recently, I encountered a lot of problems while logging on to this part because I have been away from the field and not using my own machine. I suddenly thought, can you simply think about the interaction design of the WEB login portal to make the user's operation process more reasonable and convenient? It is still very difficult to think about some details, summarize your own ideas. In fact, in a sense, it is also a user experience.

First, I would like to raise a few questions to solve.

    A. What are the essential elements of a logon portal?
    B. Which of the following are not necessary, but will facilitate user operations?
    C. What should I do to save Cookie information on this computer?
    D. What should I use as the user name? Nickname or Email, or other
    E. How to solve some information confusion...

1. answer the first question: Essential Elements

You should be familiar with the logon portal. As a logon portal, the essential elements are the user ID, password, and confirmation button, you can perform basic logon operations.

Let's take a look at the following typical example:

Douban's login design is concise, and his interactive design is also a model in the industry. He uses e-mail as the ID, registration password, and enter button. The basic functions have been met. some good details will be discussed later,

2. answer the second question: Elements to be extended

Of course, these elements are far from enough for a good and easy-to-use login window. I thought a little bit about the login information elements (including necessary and optional) of a login window) there are the following:

    A. User Name (by Email)
    B. Enter the password
    C. Confirm the button
    D. forgot password Solution
    E. The system prompts you to store Cookies.
    F. New User Registration Portal
    G. Back to homepage
    H. Verification Code

Some of these non-essential buttons can bring good interactive operations to users, but if they are not handled well, they can bring a lot of trouble to users, such as solutions for forgetting passwords, when the user forgets the password, the prompt in good faith can bring a good effect. In this case, the prompt for forgetting the password is displayed after the entered Douban password.

3. OK. The third problem is: COOKies.

This is also a very troublesome issue. It prompts you to store Cookies. This is the most relevant for your convenience, but it is also the most difficult to consider. After all, this security is combined, so what kind of design can achieve the best.

For some large portal websites, this is basically not the case, because their user groups are very complicated, and all of them actually look at the information and won't log on, this type of website is not designed to store Cookies unless some services are logged in.

Baidu's design is like this. Its design style is similar to that of Douban. However, when Douban is registered, the Cookies are prompted.

You can log on to the same computer once. Douban remembers you! This has brought great benefits to people who use their own computers, but it has brought great inconvenience and security concerns to some mobile users in Internet cafes, such large portal websites do not have such concerns. Generally, they will prompt you when registering. however, yahoo and GOOGEL have a single token that remembers my account.

In other forums, you are prompted to save the cookie during login.

Here we can see that a website that is better handled is caught with shrimp.

The login portal of the captured shrimp retains the simple interactive style of Douban, but he is more tired in COOKie processing. I recently experienced this outside, and he is in some details, and COOKie processing is more user-friendly.

If you are not on your machine, remember to click "logout" in the upper right corner when you exit ".

(Kindly prompt information)

Save my information on this computer. (Checked by default)

(If you ignore this, it is basically the same as Douban, but if you use another user's machine, this selection is very necessary, douban's forcible comparison with him is not suitable for anyone)

Forgot password? Not a member? And so on, it is very suitable for people's interaction habits. To some extent, it can be said that the login of the attacker has been very successful.

4. The fourth problem is also difficult to solve: What is better as a user name? Nickname or Email, or other

This problem is my personal experience. I tend to use Email. At the beginning, I may not be very familiar with it. However, the uniqueness of website management and ID can bring great convenience, And Nicknames can be repeated, however, EMAIL is unique to you. The registration process of this Douban shrimp is very good. I have roughly analyzed it, some new websites have begun to use Email as the unique ID. Some old portal websites have their own Email services. therefore, the mailbox ID is basically used. Therefore, the feasibility and identification of Email are more reasonable. You can set a nice nickname for yourself, as your favorite nickname.

In this regard, you can refer to the registration of Douban, and feel that she handled it just right.

Some website painters have made great inconvenience to user interaction.

This kind of thing is similar to using Email as a unique ID, but there is also a drop-down mailbox selection behind it. After a keyboard input and a mouse operation, it is not convenient but inconvenient for users, of course, for some long mailbox suffixes, this is still very good, but few people are stupid to use those, basically everyone's Email is often used, it is easy to remember the e-mail name.

5. Fifth Question: Information confusion

This information can easily cause confusion. In fact, some designs are not standardized, such as using Email, nickname, or other Login IDs. when you log on to some websites, it will be very confusing. Therefore, the necessary prompts during design are very important. If you use an Email ID, you must specify an Email, unfortunately, most websites use the Email ID and user name as the prompt. This is a bad design and password. It should be Email, and the registered password is the website password, the two may be different. In order to avoid information confusion, some tips should be given. This Douban is also well handled.

Your email address and your registration password in Douban: this subtle reminder brings great convenience to users.

There are also some pleasant things, such as new user registration buttons, such as return and well-designed interactive operations, which can bring a good impression to users.

Tudou's design basically satisfies these functions,

Finally, I personally think that the design of a better WEB login portal is as follows:

    1. satisfy the most basic functional elements

    A. Email is used as the ID, prompting you to use the website registration password. Enter the button
    B. forgot password solution. Click "New User Registration" and return to the previous page.

    2. It is user-friendly to handle the issue of storing Cookies. It is best to give users a choice and set options that meet the requirements of most people in advance.
    If you do not have one, you must receive a message after logging out.

    3. It is recommended that all text boxes after your Email be entered by the user to avoid superfluous design (drop-down boxes, except in special cases)

    4. Good and convenient password retrieval channel, which has a great advantage for using Email as the ID. Therefore, we recommend using Email as the ID.

    5. There are some user-friendly language prompts and malicious error prompts. Do not treat users as cainiao and improve their affinity.

Shrimp grabbing is the most consistent with the above WEB login Portal design. In fact, as long as you think more about the usual WEB operation process, consider more issues that users will encounter at ordinary times, the WEB login portal should be well designed.
(Author: onling Blog: http://www.onling.net/blog)

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