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I. Webpage Design

Blue http://www.blueidea.com
Web designer Alliance http://www.68design.net
Web design base camp http://www.code-123.com
I love design network http://www.52design.com
Visual China http://www.chinavisual.com
Design online http://www.dolcn.com
Netease college http://tech.163.com/school
Tianji design online http://art.yesky.com

Ii. Image Processing

Design China (China PHOTOSHOP Alliance) http://www.chinaddu.com
Image Valley http://www.pstxg.com

Iii. animation design

Flash empire http://www.flashempire.com
Flash bar http://www.flash8.net
Flash Alliance online http://www.flashsun.com

4. webpage Materials

Desktop city Co., http://www.deskcity.com.
Material boutique house http://www.sucaiw.com
Station cool (ZCOOL) http://www.zcool.com.cn
E library material http://www.iecool.com
China webmaster material Co., http:// SC .chinaz.com.

V. Program Development

Network http://www.csdn.net for CSDN developers
MSDN Chinese website http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/default.aspx
Mobile Network pioneer http://www.cndw.com
Programming http://www.bc-cn.net China

6. Website source code

Code China http://download.csdn.net
Download source code http://www.21tx.com/src
Source code house http://www.mycodes.net
Webmaster download http://down.chinaz.com/

Collection of domestic WEB design resources, tutorials, materials, and webmaster information exchange websites

No particular order is listed below

WEB design resources (materials, code, and special effects ):

Station cool (ZCOOL), material sharing and design exchange, provides you with vector material, psd, png, gif, icon, psd layered material, cool station and other material resources ......

Http:// SC .chinaz.com/
Material image download webpage template icon download cool station enjoy QQ expression vector Material Sound download desktop wallpaper webpage material download-China webmaster Station

Http:// SC .52design.com/
52design.com material, template material, vector material, flash source code material, professional material Network

Bu Roomi Web design exchange community is the home of Web design lovers. Here we provide wonderful and practical Web design related tutorials and resources...

Momi Bar provides rich background images and wallpaper resource materials, and provides online demonstration functions. ^ 0 ^ a good helper for designers !~

Materials China: Collection and download of various design materials

The lazy Image Library focuses on providing webpage materials for download. Its content covers webpage materials, design image libraries, small pictures, webpage backgrounds, navigation menus, vector images, etc, let any web designer find the desired materials!

Heaven Image Library-dedicated material image library, it provides over 80000 pictures and materials, including landscape pictures, living pictures, design materials, business pictures, architectural and garden pictures, Decorative Home pictures, character galleries, animal and plant pictures, and exquisite wallpapers.

(Front-end technology)-the progress of readers is much faster than that of blogs. -Cssrain, Rabbit, peter, stupid, Mark, district, night without rain, rebirth, Deeka, Yifei, no sword, Ant...

Website building is a completely free source code forum. It has abundant website building source code resources. Thank you!

Excellent Integrated Design portal in China. provides graphic design, advertising design, illustration, interior design, packaging, and other works, as well as technical document tutorials, web templates, web page production, and material download services, provide the webmaster and designer with the latest and most complete design information and learning tutorials.

Website Construction discussion (webmaster communication, integration, consulting, etc ):

CSDN community center

Professional design and technical support to provide you with website design and network technical support and commercial website development. Technical support for the dream team Software Series.

Webmaster information, Alliance information, online earning Information Center, webmaster stories, personal website development experience and tips.

The webmaster Network of China provides the webmaster with timely and comprehensive webmaster Information

Website Construction in China provides Chinese webmasters with timely and comprehensive webmaster information and website source code and website construction resources.

Grass root network --- carefully create IT network platform welcome to the grass root Network (http://www.itcaogen.cn ). Grassroots is a group of Internet practitioners who are happy to share and communicate with each other! Welcome to the grassroots family.

IResearch market Consulting Group

TechWeb.com.cn-operations are more important than concepts

DoNews. COM-IT community media platform

Webmasters Forum

PHPchina: The Path to open source in China

Worry-free script-// experience the fun of compiling HTML code

WEB tutorials and manuals (Design Tutorials, WEB programming, etc ):

Dynamic website creation Guide

IT Knowledge Network

Webpage tutorial network-the first stop in Chinese Webpage Design and webpage Production

China tutorial network-China tutorial Network

CSS Web Design I love CSS-Standardized Web Div + css tutorial

Webmaster College of China, ASP, PHP, JSP, XML, SQL, FLASH, CSS, ASP. NET

Dreamweaver and Web technology site

Web Standardization

Website administrator/Webmaster help

Common Tools (query tools and statistical tools ):


The Chinese webmaster home provides comprehensive website information query, search engine indexing query, website indexing query, Baidu indexing query, Google indexing query, PageRank query, reverse link query, PR query, IP address query, the webmaster tool station serves the webmaster wholeheartedly.

The tool for batch check of links. This tool can query the links in Baidu in batches and quickly learn which links are indexed in Baidu as 0, at the same time, you can query the PR of the link, and whether the other party has a link to this site, so that you can know which links are removed without permission.

Dimension, dimension statistics, next generation traffic statistics

I want free statistics

China webmaster advertising alliance-free website traffic statistics, commercial media statistics

Yahoo statistics free website traffic statistics and analysis system.

Cool Site Appreciation class (design cool site ):

: Design road: Cool station collection Daquan, cool station appreciation, Korean site appreciation, European and American websites, domestic site appreciation, design appreciation, webpage design, website construction, graphic design, Korean vector material download

Yier cool station, website design appreciation, webpage design, excellent website appreciation, personal website Appreciation

Cool station-web designer gas station

Ye zishu-enjoy the site

DIV + CSS design site Daquan

Cool Site appreciation-Cool Site appreciation at Home and Abroad

Cool-enjoy it on cool site | design materials, sharing with wonderful websites

Cool Site-ZCOOL-material sharing and design exchange

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