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Article Description: reject mediocrity: Excellent Web login page design.

About landing estimated that everyone used every day is very frequent, every time the Internet will habitually log on Weibo, Taobao, mailboxes, space, etc., in and out of countless portals every day when there is no error in the password in the case of the web landing page to look at it? Let's talk about this humble door.

From the point of view of public platform

User activity is to test the success of the product is one of the important indicators, traditional industry businessmen attach great importance to the decoration of the façade, because a good façade can gather popularity, recruit more customers. In ancient times, the stone lions or other ornaments placed in the doorway of the large house yard were extremely fastidious, there is a certain sense of feng Shui doctrine, more able to highlight the identity of the host family. Thus, "façade" is as important as the person's image, and the Web login page is quite traditional "façade".

From a personal blog point of view

Personal landing page is usually only used, so others are basically not see, but also do not rule out as boring as I am curious about the existence of people, what all want to see, what all want to change. Then the personal landing page design is entirely to express personal feelings, reflect the personality of a place, you do not need to care about its interaction is friendly and so on. Your territory is your decision.

Web landing for major web sites

Now more and more large websites put the login and homepage together to design, this shows the importance of the login page, a colorful login interface, will enhance the quality of products, give the product a unique temperament, the login interface is also a display of emotional design, enhance the user experience, close to the distance between the military battleground, This article does not talk about the trend, does not speak the interactive sermon, does not involve the technology, regaling the user login page some design expression form. I hope these design expressions can bring some inspiration and inspiration.

Elegant and generous

If the ipad is a product between a traditional computer and a mobile phone, then Tumblr is a service between blogs and Twitter. Compared with Twitter, it has more complex functions, more content display and more emphasis on multimedia applications. Tumblr as the originator of the light blog, bringing a new visual experience, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, "Perfect is more than a little too much, a little too little." "Tumblr login page does not have too much visual interference, elegant and generous, all the elements exist for the user to better login, the login process is very smooth."

Exquisite Texture Performance

icloud is the cloud synchronization service offered by Apple, where users have 5GB of free storage space. Koder Ritzlav, who is in charge of Macintosh user interface design, said: "Jobs will check every detail on the screen pixel by pixel and make sure the relevant images are aligned accurately." He attaches great importance to detail, the level of detail actually reached the pixel level. If the problem is found, jobs will immediately yell at an engineer. "The design of the icloud login page inherits Apple's exacting attention to detail, delicate textures, subtle shades, exquisite texture, perfect detail, metallic luster can move with the mouse pointer, the bottom of the icon can be adaptive to the size of the resolution, change the arrangement, to ensure that the user's browsing experience."

icloud gave us a very good lesson, there is a sentence we have heard but may not be done-details determine success or failure, rich details can enhance the value of the design, but also judge a design of a very important standard one of the exquisite comfort texture, to the user a immersive, full of surprises of the login experience, It's a great way to behave.

Small and fresh illustrations

In the web design, the illustrations are very expressive, and it is closely related to the art of painting. Therefore, most of the design positions, hand-painted ability is particularly favored, many performance techniques are borrowed from the art of painting techniques. The combination of illustration art and web design has a unique artistic charm, which makes it more expressive. More and more designers, the use of illustrations to the web design, vivid and interesting warm fresh illustrations, can quickly grasp the eyeball of the user, so that the login interface more affinity,

163 Mailbox Login page used a large illustration, the small postman soon awakened 80 after the memory of the letter, there are illustrations of the story with the user to establish emotional contact, arouse the user's psychic resonance, so that users have a sense of belonging.

Vimeo is a website offering high-definition video storage, where you can find a lot of creative designers from all over the world. Believe that the friends who have logged in Vimeo to the Vimeo landing page memory deep.

The day cat and Taobao words as China's largest online trading platform, also attaches great importance to landing page design, but also in the landing window set up a "login page" to improve the suggestion button, you can see that Taobao is very focused on user experience design. The word cat will pay more attention to branding.

The brand communication of humanistic care

Design people-oriented, people-oriented design can not only improve the quality of products, but also improve the design of the art level, and the login page is to reflect the humanistic concern, the spread of the brand concept of the perfect location.

QQ Mailbox Landing page Every time the refresh can see different content, or use the poem of Haizi, or use the lyrics of Michael Jackson, arouse the resonance of the user, the design method is concise, the main information is prominent, the guide is clear, and there is no superfluous element, the most important operation of the interface "login" button used the traffic in the green, Instead of using the usual blue, the detail design is very sophisticated, and every detail is infused with humanistic care.

Sina Weibo will login box design into a scarf style, the user's every login is a brand communication process, in line with Sina push the brand concept of the scarf, weaving the concept of the popular. But now Sina began to take the marketing route, even the landing page also do not forget to add a advertising position. Makes you feel like landing the biggest marketing platform every time you enter.

Larger and bigger login box

More and more large input box design, let the user input up feel comfortable, login process is very pleasant, in the display more and more big today, mailchimp large input box show domineering full, and uncharacteristically can see his password, the first time in the Web login box to see this design, Very intimate. It is this eclectic design that has transformed MailChimp from an in-house project into one of the company's most successful commercial products.

Simplicity, not simplicity.

The style of web design is becoming more and more concise, and the login page can make the login box more prominent with the use of white leaves. Minimize the user distraction, from a visual perspective, simple design is calm, cut off the superfluous elements, colors, shapes and textures, can not be used to make the person's eyes a bright design elements, can only rely on the blank to do visual appeal. The balance of the layout and the simplification of the design do not make it easy to change the monotony, WordPress backend landing page with the appropriate projection, the clever use of gray, as well as error jitter prompts, so that the entire login page simple and not simple. Exemplary.

With the rapid development of the Internet and the advent of mobile Internet, web design is becoming more and more diversified. Although a good design and represent the product will certainly be successful, but can add points to the product, injection design for the product DNA, create a unique style and visual feeling, well, today is the first kan to this, as users use the entrance, I hope this text can let everyone to the landing page attention, design more wonderful landing page.

For individuals, I also do not forget to post their own landing page display, to express the personal feelings.

As for the expression of what we experience it, a beautiful dandelion, in the moonlight in the night with the wind drift. Seemingly free, but involuntarily. Every landing blog can remind me.

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