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One, the user group that the website is targeted

Whether it is only to do personal website friends, or to network companies to do products or to do promotional cooperation of the new. The first step to understand is the user positioning of their own site, the product user positioning. Do not have a website for half a year, or in the company for a few months, empty learned a lot of network promotion methods, it is not clear what their site is doing. To make it clear that your site is suitable for people to use and watch, on the basis of this premise, can talk about how to develop the site, how to do website promotion.

Now very few individuals or companies will do Sina, Sohu such all-inclusive site, because these sites face the crowd too wide, no very strong background, basically no success. So now do the vertical area of the site more, because such site users clearly clear, as long as a certain area of the user needs to do a good job, the same can achieve great success, such as the current popular podcast video station.

Second, survey users in the main area of online gathering

In the clear of their own site for the user group, you need to do survey analysis, these users mainly appear on the internet some of the places, what type of site, what type of forum, or what kind of QQ group and other places.

Take the podcast video station for example, mainly for video users, and video users mainly in what place?

1. Video search engine or video aggregation class site, such as Baidu Video search, Qihoo video Search, banner paste Easy video channel, these places traffic must be video users, and podcast video station is the opportunity to obtain traffic from these places.

2. Traditional video sites, such as KAN5, Hainan Integrated network, such as network TV, such as PPStream, do video players such as the Storm audio and video, to do videos to download clients such as thunder. These places have a large number of direct or potential video users, and there is no direct conflict of interest with the podcast network.

3. Some video-related forums such as professional TV dramas, movies, anime forums, or comprehensive forum of TV dramas, movies, animation version of the area, are video users gathered place.

4. and 3rd of the same, TV dramas, movies, anime QQ Group, these people are also potential video users.

5. Similar video podcast site, this does not say, we should also know.

Third, the research attracts the user the network promotion method

In terms of identifying users and understanding where these users will appear, it is now just a matter of thinking about how to draw those users from those places. Use the forum to promote the method is good, the website cooperates well, the content exchange is good, spends money buys the advertisement or not. According to the actual situation, choose the most suitable promotion method.

Here still take the podcast video station as an example to analyze what kind of promotion can be done.

1. Video search site to provide video data, such as Qihoo video search, Baidu video Search, so easy to obtain traffic from the video search site.

2: With the same video users, but there is no direct competition between the site cooperation. For example, do the player, do network TV, do video download client. Can do the flow of exchange, or ad-exchange cooperation, mutual benefit. can also go to the traditional video station to buy ads, I see KAN51 and Hainan Integrated Network has a lot of podcasts video station ads.

3. Go to some video-related forums to promote, such as Baidu has some TV dramas bar, movie bar, anime bar. In order to watch TV dramas, movies, anime, it is also targeted very strong video users. Podcast Network Reds related Forum Edition area is also a good place to promote.

4. and 3rd the same, go to some TV dramas, movies, anime QQ Group. It is best to be popular and still play some of the video QQ group, the effect will be better.

5. Can be for some of the sites without video channels, cooperative video channels. Provide video upload or provide relevant video information. such as Love card and six room of cooperation. For example, the Li Yuchun Forum, can set up a special video channel for the Forum. The video source can come from the podcast station of the service, also can let the forum user upload the video themselves. As long as cooperation, there is always the opportunity to put each other's users, converted to their own video users.

6. Do some popular video keyword search optimization, more difficult to use as appropriate.

As long as you understand these three points, basically know how to promote the network. 1th better grasp, the 2nd need to spend a little time to investigate and analyze, the 3rd need their own long experience accumulated, is a little experience of their own network to promote since. In fact, as long as the first two points clearly clear, and then do the 3rd time, even if the website to promote the experience is not very rich, but also more than blindly to do promotion will be more effective, work will be more efficient.

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