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Web|web2 Web2.0 spawned the second wave of China's internet boom, VC agitation, upstart conspicuous, veterans lonely ...

Hundreds of "web2.0 website" How to smile to the last in the network lake? Where do they live? Tencent Technology Special planning "to find the Web 2.0 site life and Death character" series of reports, with VCs, experts and the Web site to uncover the answer together.

Tencent Science and technology news January 24 10:00-11:00, Love apartment CEO Zhang Jiaming will be community friends, web2.0 and other topics, and friends to start interaction. The following is a transcript of the interview:

The core point: looking for a venture capitalist is just like getting married, just like a marriage, is also the choice of a partner relationship. It means that you have to think and communicate with each other, or that some corporate culture or some of the values of the knowledge to be relatively similar. If there is no way to agree, it may affect or restrict the development of the company.

VCs are not as much as possible, and VC also needs to communicate with the International Limited partner (LP), including with rich organizations to collect. Soft Silver Company's general manager told me, not to say that the more the better, the others give him 1.2 billion, he only take the most suitable 600 million, if the return on investment is not good, because there are not so many good companies can invest.

It's not exactly the same as having absolute power of speech. The Board of Directors is important, the board knows how to find people, how to hire, the CEO knows the right strategy direction and decision, the adjustment, including the communication company's personnel, these are the key.

The site is more creative, there is an executive force ... These are not copied, most of the market research, users need what we add what things, this is our advantage.

Love Apartment general idea is that the first female users, through her to sticky male users, and then through the personalized function of the community to build a good shelf.

The profit model is personal virtual space, one is the VIP premium user fees, there is a virtual currency, users can use it to buy all the configuration inside the apartment. The form of advertising can be divided into hard advertising, soft advertising, as well as the placement of the type.

Already "smell" 07 will be Web2.0 shuffle year, bullish SNS community friends and video sharing website.

"Host": Everyone QQ netizens Good morning! Today, Tencent Technology president of the club is the Love Apartment CEO Mr. Zhang Jiaming. He will share his entrepreneurial stories on community dating sites and his understanding of Web2.0. Welcome to your arrival.

"Zhang Jiaming": Host good, everyone Tencent's netizens good!

"Host": Yesterday I chat with a friend who is not very familiar with the internet, I told her Love Apartment website, her first response: This site is not a marriage dating site, the target group is single urban white-collar. Is that what it is?

"Zhang Jiaming": Let me start by talking about the situation of our website. Most of the users are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the big city, is 20-30-year-old white-collar unmarried men and women mainly.

"Host": The name of the love apartment sounds like a friend to find love and marriage, is a specific dating site, or a general concept of dating?

"Zhang Jiaming": Our website is a general friend of this kind, is mainly casual, can have a personal virtual space, not marriage-oriented.

"Host": is popular.

"Zhang Jiaming": Yes.
"Host": What is the entrepreneurial impulse, so that you want to do a website like this, think you look more like the introverted person. Laugh

"Zhang Jiaming": We had to do such a website, it is very early, probably 2002, when we saw no such a type of site, we are designed for female users, I hope women will like such a place, is a very clear, very clean of a friend garden.

"Host": Why the target group of women as the main?

"Zhang Jiaming": The original view of the market does not have a female-oriented dating site, and women for brand loyalty, and for such a clear and relatively clean garden, she will be more identity, think this is her home, which is also a strategy for us. Where there are many females, men will naturally follow. (laughter) Most dating sites, perhaps 6:1 or 7:1 of men and women, almost all men, we are almost 1:1, women may be a little more.

"Host": Earlier you did a lot of research, and then aim at this direction?

"Zhang Jiaming": Yes. When we started our business, we didn't have enough money or experience, and our questionnaire was made on the Internet, or on the street, for example, in Wangfujing, there may be some young people walking around, we will send a questionnaire. We only ask women, don't ask men, basically ignore male opinion to design this website. So there are a lot of intimate small features, including other sites do not have the idea, are we do this questionnaire research.

"Host": Do not know the initial start-up of the station funds including the purchase of the server is your own money?

"Zhang Jiaming": not my own person. We have a few students, we can scrape together probably 200,000 dollars.

"Host": You are studying international trade?

"Zhang Jiaming": Learning economics.

"Host": Why did not want to do a vertical site it? Or is it trade-related? Where does this inspiration come from?

"Zhang Jiaming": mainly from a number of foreign websites, they can collect membership fees with netizens. 02 is still in the end of the dotcom bubble, has not finished, at that time the site is very lucrative, relying on the site itself, not necessarily rely on a number of venture capital to support. After we did, netizens reacted warmly, we charge, they are willing to pay.

"Host": Still running to money scene. What you do, or what you're directed at, is flexible.

"Zhang Jiaming": Yes. There is also a consideration of funds, we built such a friend-oriented space, money is also a point of consideration. If such a website like Alibaba, may request the amount of money is not a level, so we chose this to do, and then found that the market is actually very large.

"Host": the establishment of the station in the near future you will be able to obtain the Profit collection?

"Zhang Jiaming": Yes.

"Host": Heard your previous views, said that the VCs are not very interested in fact, you have won two VCs, this is how a mindset change?

"Zhang Jiaming": Because entrepreneurship is a few years, the company's strategy and development direction are to make decisions with different time. We have just graduated from university, may not be particularly familiar with the field of venture capital, we just feel that the internet is not a bubble, although at that time friends and relatives or some business school professors, said that there are still people in the Internet company? This is dangerous, or to advise us, if we do this, we should refuel well. Basically in a not optimistic voice, we still want to do this site. We are holding on. The site has been open for four months to make money, so we are not in fact very much invested.
"Host": when VCs intervene, do you take the initiative to find VCs, or do they actively phase you?

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