WEBAPI cross-Domain use session

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In the previous project, we set the cross-domain to be set directly in Web. config.

This enables cross-domain access. Because we usually have a webapi there will be multiple sites, small programs, public numbers and other access, so this setting is not a problem. But...... If one of the sites needs a cookie or a session,

Access-control-allow-origin if still set to "*" will be an error, of course, the front end error ... Data return and Cookie/session are still able to save, but the error is uncomfortable ah.

So, think about the rectification.

First, the front-end code. A page to the remote AJAX request to set the session. Nothing, just a button, send a request. Mark the place to be added

@{Viewbag.title="testsetsession";}"Set ()"> Setup session</button>@section scripts{<script src="~/scripts/jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script> <script>function Set () {$.ajax ({URL:"Http://localhost:1338/api/Test/SetSession?session=1234567fdsdfghjhgfds", DataType:"JSON", xhrfields: {withcredentials:  true  }, Crossdomain: true  , data: {}, type:"Post", Success:function (data) {alert (data.message)}, er Ror:function () {alert ('The server has an error! ');        }            }); }    </script>}

And then a page to get the last page Setup session.

@{Viewbag.title="testgetsession";}"Get ()"> Get session</button>@section scripts{<script src="~/scripts/jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script> <script>function Get () {$.ajax ({URL:"http://localhost:1338/api/Test/GetSession", DataType:"JSON", xhrfields: {withcredentials:  true  }, Crossdomain: true  , data: {}, type:"Get", Success:function (data) {alert ("session:" + data.data.session_state + ", Cookie:"                + Data.data.cookie); }, Error:function () {alert ('The server has an error! ');        }            }); }    </script>}

Background code

1. Allow Webapi to use session first

Add the following code to global

         Public Override void Init ()        {            + = mvcapplication_postauthenticaterequest            ; Base . Init ();        }         void Mvcapplication_postauthenticaterequest (object  sender, EventArgs e)        {            System.Web.HttpContext.Current.SetSessionStateBehavior (                System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateBehavior.Required);        }

2. Allow cross-domain. I'm using Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Cors here.

Install the package first, and then add the following code to the Webapiconfig. Equivalent to setting in Web. config

            // allow cross-domain            Config. Enablecors (new Enablecorsattribute ("*""* " "*"));

On the request method to hit the [Enablecors] label, specifically for some domain name access needs cookie/session

[Enablecors ("http://localhost:6477,http://localhost:6478","*","*")]     Public classTestcontroller:apicontroller {/// <summary>        ///Set Session/// </summary>        /// <returns></returns>         Public DynamicSetsession (stringsession) {HttpContext.Current.Response.AddHeader ("access-control-allow-credentials","true"); //Cache Statehttpcontext.current.session["session_test"] =session; HttpCookie Cookies=NewHttpCookie ("cookie_test") {Value=session, Expires= DateTime.Now.AddHours (1)            };            HTTPCONTEXT.CURRENT.RESPONSE.COOKIES.ADD (cookie); return New{Success=true, Message="Set Session"            }; }        /// <summary>        ///Get Session/// </summary>        /// <returns></returns>         Public Dynamicgetsession () {HttpContext.Current.Response.AddHeader ("access-control-allow-credentials","true"); varSession = httpcontext.current.session["session_test"]; HttpCookie _cookie= httpcontext.current.request.cookies["cookie_test"]; varCookie = _cookie?. Value??""; stringSession_state = Session = =NULL?"": Session.            ToString (); return New{Success=true, Message="Get Session", the data=New{session_state, Cookie}}; }


WEBAPI cross-Domain use session

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