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Here is a list of commonly used free online test tools that you can use to test your site and make changes to your site based on the results.

1. WDG HTML ValidatorA good tool to find out where the syntax of the site is wrong, and labeled, you can also choose to the site on a single page of each page analysis. ( Highly Recommended

2. The Markup Validation Service of the ConsortiumCode testing for both HTML and XHTML, claiming to be the first (and most user) HTML validation tool on the Internet.

3. Validation CSS ServiceUsed to validate CSS source code, can mark bad CSS code design. For example: "Same colors for color and background-color in two contexts".

4. RUWF XML Syntax CheckerThe error used to find the XML file.

5. The Validation Service of the consortium FeedUsed to find the error syntax in Atom and RSS feeds. (often used)

6. The consortium Link CheckerSearch to find out if there is a broken chain in all the links in your site. ( Highly Recommended

7. Juicy Studio Link AnalyserTest the link URL within the site if there is a dead chain, similar to the web link Checker.
Usability of the website
We often see web designers focus on the attractiveness of the site, and completely regardless of will not affect the use of visitors, a very difficult to browse the Web page is doomed to failure, to make your visitors easily get the information he wants (and thus become a repeat visitor), your site should follow WCAG section 508 Ease of use rules.

8. Watchfire webxactAll rigorous designers and developers must use tools that generate a very detailed report, including: Website quality, usability and privacy. ( Highly Recommended

9. atrc Web Accessibility CheckerTest the site's WCAG 2.0 Level2 compatibility, which generates a report that presents a series of recommendations such as how to improve the access speed of headers, links, data, charts, and text.

10. WAVE 3.0 Web Accessibility ToolHighly customizable tool that uses a graphical model to showcase site compatibility issues (WCAG 1.0 and Section 508). ( Highly Recommended

11. TAW Web Accessibility TestTest Web page for conflicts (WCAG 1.0 compatibility), generate a Web site modification proposal based on WCAG priority mode through graphical mode.

12. hisoftware cynthiasays PortalVery strict rules are used to test the Web pages (according to section 508 and WCAG 1.0 rules) and the resulting reports are extremely detailed (detailed to difficult to read).

13. HERA Accessibility Testing with StyleUse a very complex but easy to understand way to point out the wcag1.0 compatibility of a Web page.

14. Juicy Studio CSS analyse RA color contrast test is conducted to ensure that your site's hue meets WCAG 1.0 requirements.

15. juiciy Studio readability TestIt is easy to understand whether the text on your site has grammatical or spelling errors (according to the Flesch Reading Ease and Flesch-kincaid grade level algorithms rules). (suitable for use in English website)
The speed of the website
The speed of opening your website is the key factor that visitors will not visit the site again, in general, a network is not very fast visitors are unwilling to visit a full of pictures, Flash animation, multimedia files of the site. To maximize the coverage of your site, you must optimize your site so that it opens as quickly as possible.

16. Web Page Analyzer from Website optimizationA good tool, it analyzes a Web page, will be to reduce the load time to propose optimization recommendations, focus on optimizing the number of objects, pictures and the overall size of the site. ( Highly Recommended

17. websitepulse Test ToolsThere are a series of tools to determine the load speed and host information for a Web site.

18. Internet Supervision Url Check

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