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In the last two years, in the domestic ASP basic business domain popular a "host to rent", it has grabbed a lot of market price low, but at present the most problematic is the host of the rental market; because the management requirements of the server is more than the ordinary virtual host requirements higher, this may be some disagree, and I tell you why this is so;

Let's talk about a few questions today:

First, the combination of rent and virtual host you to the choice of which is suitable?

Second, how to choose the right combination of rent, how to choose the host configuration we want to hire?

Third, how to choose a good host and rental business?

Now we're going to analyze it one at a time:

First, the host of the rental and virtual host you to the choice of which is suitable?

Host rental and virtual host are actually the same value, is a physical hardware, through the relevant technology, a whole hardware resources into a number of points, the specific points according to the server hardware and computer room bandwidth resources; Why I do not say according to the user to decide, so far the domestic has not done so, They are all fixed configurations, such as the amount of space to store the Web, IIS burst the number of connections, database storage space, the post office storage space is mostly fixed; please don't trust all your friends. Unlimited number of IIS concurrency or traffic; Unlimited bandwidth, that is not possible; current service providers are mostly like this, But there's no limit to IIS and bandwidth that's all nonsense ...

Do you choose a virtual host or host to rent?

1, if you are put enterprise station, I will not say more, you directly choose the virtual host good! If you are a great station on the choice of independent server, if you consider the cost, you can try to use a VPS; If you are first into the network to find some money on the network or the Web, website business, you choose to rent well; If money is not a problem, or recommend you to choose a stand-alone server;

Rental host suitable for students or just enter the network of entrepreneurial friends, the site traffic is not large, every day in 5000 of natural IP above I think there is no need to consider the rental, there are 5000 natural IP can consider renting stand-alone servers or high-end VPS, Natural IP in 5000-20000ip I recommend now the market is quite mainstream a machine bar E2160/2G/160G+10MB bandwidth guarantee, do download friends do not refer to.

The difference between total rent and virtual host is mainly two factors: first, the price difference is big, second, the data security; 200MB of virtual host a year to more than 100, but the rental 1G also send a database of more than 100 a year, some low to dozens of dollars; the data is complete, the virtual host server is mostly Xeon server, memory is also relatively high, Hard disk is basically two hard drives, commonly used methods are 146G sas+160g SATA2 or 146G scsi+160g backup; The data of the virtual host are all regular backups, and some of the business virtual hosts are always synchronized; The same rent can ensure that the data a week back up or one months back up all right; at the same time, the majority of the host configuration is not high, the market mainstream configuration is P4 3.0/e2160/e2180/e4500 more, Exon series of the current I only know less than five, accurate Point said I know also three; Hard drive you don't want to be what SAS, there are two pieces of SATA2 is not bad; Most of the memory is 4G DDR2; the motherboard is not good; Please do not believe that the bandwidth of the rental host is 100MB independent bandwidth; I tell you, our company received a basic 100MB share of the managed users, 20MB independent bandwidth to be a few 100MB of independent bandwidth is not to do this ...

Second, how to choose the right combination of rent, how to choose the host we want to hire the configuration?

This is very important, the choice is high, waste your money, the choice is low, you are not enough;

We have to choose a rental host or a virtual host have to consider several issues:

1, first look at the price, low prices may let you pay, but you have to pay attention, money is your own, no matter how much money, to see things worth;

2, see the rental products in the room, now the domestic popular double, multi-line, and then a single line of telecommunications or netcom room; as a webmaster, I recommend two-wire or several major backbone nodes of the telecommunications/Netcom room, two lines I recommend Ningbo double line, Shanghai North Double line, the two room server bandwidth is still able to run; the continuation can choose Jiujiang double line , Zhengzhou double line, Jing An Line, these three local bandwidth can not, just stability I do not understand the attitude, because it has not been used; a friend of the company before the operation of the Zhengzhou two-line, and then he moved out of the whole, as if it is unstable, to the customer impact is not good! A friend of Hefei is now in the Jiujiang dual-line server rental; I heard the price is good! The overall talk of Beijing's dual-line speed and stability and services are still good; just bandwidth than I said in front of the room, Beijing's dual-line on the 2Mb, you want to run a job to add money, 1MB one months are more than 1000 bar; telecom I recommend East China I recommend Shanghai, Nanjing, the room; I recommend the old room in Dongguan, The new room game too many, every day recruit attack, do not make your station hangs up, Zhuhai and Zhongshan are also good, Foshan also can be, Zhanjiang, Maoming room also do not go, that is also a game base; I recommend Mianyang Telecom, Chengdu Telecom, Xi ' an telecom, the other is also possible, of course, there are many room to choose , but these places have more people to choose from;

Overall speaking, select the room I personally recommend the choice of Ningbo double line or Shanghai North double line; telecommunications on the choice of Shanghai, if it is a local station to choose the local computer room; but still have to remember a word, do not choose some flattening out, IDC business development of the room; Such a computer room is very dangerous, not to say that telecommunications a word on the closed ... Last year in China appeared, not much to say ...

3, looked at the computer room, we now look at the system and the host parameters of the rental; we are sure to rent a good host, we have to consider a number of small factors, one is the operating system, the second is the support of the script; the third is the database; the IIS concurrency number, the traffic, the bandwidth limit and the CPU limit;

If one wants to create their own sky in the Internet, I still support the configuration of linux+apache+mysql/postsql+php/jsp/cgi, win2003 operation is indeed convenient, but win2003 security and stability can not be compared with Linux; So don't be afraid of trouble;

PHP now the CMS is also quite a lot, phpcms,php168 .... very much;

If it's just a temporary play or something, win a little better, win support more ....

IIS concurrency number and traffic you have to decide according to your own station; The bandwidth can be limited to 1MB; CPU this you also have to ask if you are. NET station this is very important, 163k buy system is very resource-consuming;

At present, the domestic win2003 98% is in the framework of the system; Linux because of its technical difficulties, so the choice of the service provider on Linux is relatively few, do the most of the individual, the company is not many, Anhui has two do together rent or do can, do not say how the product, recruit customers or a lot of;

Third, how to choose a good rental service provider?

This is actually a lot of friends have written on the Internet, I do not write more, we go to check on the line!

7X24-hour technical services are important for handling the response speed of a problem. Others do not say!

You can calculate his cost to consider the price problem;

For example: e2160/4g/160g*2+ Shanghai Telecom Configuration, if it is 50 people together, 3G space, you can open 3 subwebs, such a server is 200 on a site; such a machine in Shanghai Telecom hosted a year of hardware plus the total cost of hosting in 7000 yuan; Plus the cost of personnel, we press 1.2W; 50 people rent together, if the price is less than 240 yuan, please do not consider; to be honest, all of them have a database; So such a machine is with less than 200 stations, can run 30 users is good; you count 30 users. I only say one user a database; The resources are also very tense ...

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