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The first is the overall image of the website. The first impression a website gives is the homepage, but it never says that as long as the homepage is ready, the overall image of the website is good, because in the Process of browsing the entire website, the user will naturally form a view of the website, which is accompanied by emotional feelings, for example, like, dislike, and have no feeling. This is the embodiment of the overall image, which is achieved by the combination of the home page and other pages, therefore, when creating a webpage, you must consider how to embody the good side of your website to your users. You must also consider how to embody the content and focus on the content on the homepage, creates a messy image. To give people a good and trustworthy image, we must start with many details and regulate the external performance of the entire website, specifically, the logo design, standard color expression, and standard font design. These are all important. a unified and standard image is a condition for winning the trust of your users.

The second is how to embody the spirit of the employees of the entire website in webpage design. The employees of every enterprise are actually a valuable asset, therefore, it can fully reflect the spirit of employees. On the one hand, it can motivate them to work hard and love their work. It is also a means to strengthen the cohesion of enterprises; at the same time, we can win the support of our customers through this method. In today's rich websites, winning our users is to win the market and the basic conditions for survival.

Thirdly, when designing a webpage, we need to combine the characteristics of the website to extract our own business philosophy and get rid of the low-level website operation mode, as an enterprise, a website must combine its own cultural characteristics to extract some deep-seated things. These things are the soul of the enterprise, many world-renowned brands have their own unique business philosophy. For example, Microsoft is "Success tips = talents + innovation, management = appropriate time + what to do ", hewlett-Packard is "Fortune = talent = capital + knowledge", fliggy is "New Product = technical connotation + conceptual innovation", Toshiba is "enterprise vitality = Intelligence X (Perseverance + physical strength + speed) ", McDonald's is" enterprise vitality = raw materials × equipment × human resources = number of people × capability × attitude ". This puts forward higher requirements for web designers, asking them to have a deep understanding of the website and integrate themselves into the website to constantly explore things with flashing light, at the same time, find appropriate expressions to strengthen them. In this way, the website can be favored by users based on its own advantages. This lays the foundation for sound operation.

How can a website win user satisfaction?

This is in 14 countries★According to an international survey (including China), word-of-mouth communication is far more important than search engines to attract regular users. Frequent users of the websites surveyed found that the websites were twice as many as those found by the search engine for the first time.

In addition, 98% of users who are satisfied with the website say they will recommend the website to people they know, only 1% of users who are not satisfied with the website are willing to recommend the website to others.

The respondent also said they were not completely satisfied or completely dissatisfied with the following key points:

Regular content updates (37%)

Website personalized service capability (33%)

Quality of search tools (32%)

Download speed (32%)

"One of the more active discoveries is that most companies seem to have gained some basic recognition. 71% of users think that the website navigation is good, 69% of users are friendly to the user interface, and about 2/3 of users are satisfied with the details and quality of the website content (68% and 72% respectively ).


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