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The logo application has always been the basis and most direct form of CIS import. Its importance is self-evident, especially in the design of network logo.

I. Identity Functions

As a unique media symbol, logo has always become a visual and cultural language for spreading special information. With a letter, the earliest identification instance that conforms to the CIS spirit is a "Zeng" font icon on a HALDE of Zeng Hou and Yi, who was buried in Chu, China before 2433. No matter from the complicated European logo, Chinese dragon text, to the abstract pattern of modern scouring, simple word mark, etc. are all in the realization of the purpose of the logo object.

That is, through identification, difference, association, and memory enhancement of the logo, the communication and communication between the identified object and the object are promoted, so as to establish and maintain the cognition and identity of the identified object, to improve recognition and reputation. As an avant-garde of the times, the design of the network logo should follow the overall rule of CIS and make breakthroughs.

Ii. Basic principles of network Logo Design

The uniform principle is emphasized in the design of network logo. Unification does not mean repeating a design principle. It is necessary to include any other design principles such: various principles that are well-known to designers, such as dominance, from attributes, relationships, balancing, proportions, repetition, anti-lining, rhythm, symmetry, comparison, borrowing, reconciliation, and variation, it should be correctly used for the complete presentation of the design. It can also be interpreted as a more general and comprehensive principle that shares the principles described above.

The components that constitute the logo elements generally share a kind of commonality and difference. This difference is also called uniqueness or change, and unity is to extract diversity into a major embodiment, it is called the principle of diversity and unification. Among the elements in each part, there is a size, material, position, and other elements that have a dominant effect on the whole. Precisely grasping the diversity and unification of objects and highlighting the supporting elements is a necessary technical factor for designing network logos.

The identification and uniqueness highlighted by the logo on the Network lead to a proper association between the design of the logo font and the nature of the logo body, and a similar style.
I remember that when eastecho's online forum was reopened recently, the little witch raised an objection to the Forum's logotable, the logo of a simple printed font is significantly different from the unique style and excellent quality inherent in the waste, and lacks any connection with the logo of the entire website, resulting in cognitive ambiguity. However, I made a Chinese logo attempt as a prodigal website filled with English logos. Let's make a breakthrough.

Network logo design should pay more attention to the grasp of things tension, in the concentration of culture, background, objects, concepts and various design principles of the tone, achieve the most impulsive visual embodiment of objects. It can also be understood as the most restrictive impulse, in the case of insufficient tension in any aspect, well-designed logos are often rejected, rejected, or forgotten by users for reasons that do not understand, disagree, be unrealistic, be unavant-garde, be unartistic, or be unhonest. Therefore, it is the best way to understand the application objects of users and logos without any effort. Without considering the national conditions and the user's level of understanding, it is essential to estimate the insufficiency of the design capability. In China, the boss who sells computers designs a $3 million Lucent red circle logo, which is easily seen as money fraud.

Iii. Network logo Representation
As a logo with media characteristics, in order to realize all the visual recognition functions in the most effective space, it is generally through the combination of special patterns and special texts, to present, describe, communicate, and communicate with the identified entity, so as to guide the audience's interests and enhance reputation and memory.
The combination of expressions is generally divided into a special pattern, a special font, and a synthetic font.

1. Pattern: it is a symbolic representation. It is unique, eye-catching, and the pattern itself is easy to distinguish and remember. It is represented by the logo body through implicit, associative, generalized, abstract, and other painting methods, the expression of the concept is generalized and the image, but the association with the identified body is not direct enough, the audience is easy to remember the pattern itself, however, the perception of the relationship between the marked object requires a relatively tortuous process. However, once a connection is established, the perception is profound and the memory of the marked object remains relatively persistent.

Therefore, when the requirements for long-lasting memory are high, we should design a good logo image, better design, such as Apple's tooth printing apple, and be right to grasp all the elements of the logo-oriented promotion, in other cases, if you want to establish an image within a short period of time, you should design appropriate mascots to enhance communication and understanding with familiar concepts like apple.
In the era of modern spiritual fast food, longxun's red circle is also becoming fashionable. However, this kind of design can only be received by the website of the design company in China, but the logo of a cable TV's latest film and TV variety show shows a spiral lucky circle, I can sigh, but I have a lot of courage and lack of creativity.

2. special characters: they are ideographic symbols. In communication and communication activities, the names of the identified objects or their product names are repeatedly used in a unified text format. It has a clear and direct meaning and is closely related to the identified body. It is easy to understand and recognize. It also plays a role in explaining the concepts expressed, however, because of the similarity of the text itself, it is easy to blur the memory of the audience on the logo itself, thus weakening the long-lasting memory of the logo.
Therefore, the special text is generally used as a supplement to the special pattern. The selected font should be consistent with the overall style, and try to create a brand new distinctive style.

The complete logo design, especially the logo design with Chinese characteristics, should generally be considered at least in the form of both Chinese and English, and the proportion of Chinese and English characters should be taken into account under international requirements, A combination of Chinese, English, Chinese, and English patterns. Some also need to consider traditional Chinese and other specific language versions. In addition, it also takes into account the appearance of the logo or text after the expanded application, this is necessary for the background and other production, is conducive to the pursuit of symbol expansion effect.
The Flash client empire and its predecessor, the bianchenglang logo, all have excellent designs, but they do not consider Chinese. However, the prodigal son seems to have been not convinced of the expressive power of Chinese characters, such as the lack of extremely small fonts and the lack of characteristic fonts, it may lead him to think about the design of Chinese. This is a pity for the logo of websites targeting domestic netizens.

3. Synthesize text: it is a kind of representation ideographic synthesis. It refers to the combination design of text and pattern, which has the attributes of text and pattern, but all of them lead to a relatively weak influence of the relevant attributes, for different object orientations, a logo with a partial pattern or text may be significantly different during expression. For example, simply modify the printed font or convert the text into a decorative shape for everyone to guess. Its comprehensive functions are as follows:

A. The impression of the identified object can be directly understood by readers through text styles;

B. The words after the shape are easy to impress and remember the viewer.


Iv. Design of Network logo

The ancient royal emblem provides conditions for the audience to understand its identity, status, level, and other attributes through repeated identifiers, which can be designed to be extremely complex, however, modern people's complaints for conciseness, clarity, smoothness, and instant impressions affect the logo design and are increasingly pursuing a unique and highly practical experience, companies and groups that have already had an impression on the user group, in order to strengthen the distinctive memory of the audience and continuous brand loyalty, enhance the recognition of existing ideas by designing patterns that are more unique and easier to understand.

Some old companies are actively updating the logo, and Coca-Cola's logo has been easily drafted.
However, some groups that want to quickly recognize the audience will strengthen their direct needs for text expression and express them through the synthesis of text with obvious characteristics, and through a large number of times of modern media to strengthen and maintain easily blurred memory. For example, the logo format composed of Intel's e-word simple displacement.

In the design of the network logo, a large number of designs using synthetic texts, such as Yahoo and Amazon text logos and almost all ISPs in China, are restricted by the inch screen of webpages, the logo size is required to be as small as possible. On the other hand, because of the lack of excellent image designers at the beginning of the construction of these websites, most of the decision makers are technical personnel, there is a kind of intuitive pursuit of straightforward, concise, and bright. The most important thing is that the characteristics of the network decide to only rely on a short and clear memory of the logo, through a large number of reverse browsing at a low cost, this will not only produce the part of the impression memory that requires images to be improved. Therefore, the pursuit of the Web logo for text synthesis has gradually become a fact specification of the Web logo.

With the intervention of managers, designers, and planners, more efficient logo design has also been well explored. In particular, some design websites have made many meaningful attempts to logo design. For example, to explore the 3D and dynamic representation of the logo based on the digital features of the website logo, the common practice is to protect the logo as a representative of the overall image, it is only suitable for dynamic changes without the overall defect deformation of the logo, that is, only proportional amplification, reduction, movement, etc., rather than rolling, tilt, and other changes, to ensure respect for the seriousness of the logo, and to make a 3D network logo for the existing logo, it has become a more and more common network logo production solution.

V. Network logo specifications

When designing the logo, it is of great practical significance to guide the overall construction of the website by standardizing the various conditions of the application. The minimum logo display size must be standardized, the appropriate background color system that may be used for Logo Design, anti-white, and clear logo display, for the logo to develop some specific conditions of color, auxiliary ribbons and other convenient applications in the production of banner and other occasions. In addition, the text and the image edge should be clear, and the word and the pattern should not overlap. In addition, you can also consider the vertical effect of the logo and the arrangement method when the background is used.

A network logo should not only consider the Display Effect on the designer's high-resolution screen, but also consider the effect required by the promotion activities when the overall development of the website reaches a high level, it can also give full play to the visual effect when applied to various media; at the same time, it should be used to give the majority of the audience a good impression and popular shape.

Therefore, we should consider the monochrome effect, anti-white effect, textile effect on the fabric, and paint effect on the car body of the logo on paper media such as fax, newspaper, and magazine, the metal effect and three-dimensional Wall Shape effect when the badge is created.
8848 the logo of the website ignores the reasonable combination of fonts and backgrounds, and turns the four-character circle into a background of 8, the logo that can be identified in the online color is confused when advertising in the newspaper. Such a design is far from the positioning of the market.

One of the simplest ways is to convert the logo into black and white, and correct and good expression of the logo meaning is a combination.

VI. The age of network designers

Wuzi Dengke created the Network Age, the process is: courage, ideas, tickets, brains, Electronics

Courage: first, a group of technical elites are daring to create a new system;

Idea: This system integrates some excellent and efficient ideas and solutions;

Ticket: leverage the advantages of highly efficient and mature solutions to attract funds;

Brain: bring together various talents under the influence of large-scale capital to form a broader and more effective entity;

Electronics: in the era of high-speed electronic operation, it can only follow the progress and development of science and technology, while maintaining a forward-looking.

In this era, people tend to weigh too much and are good at capturing the advantage that the first person is easy to grasp. However, in the rapid development, while keeping up with the process, the ability to adjust and optimize all aspects of the structure at any time is conducive to the formation of a high-efficiency combination as soon as possible.
The formulation of Logo specifications, through effective CIS import, will help to grasp the future development direction at the beginning of the action.

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