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Website Operation | Webmaster President Mr. Cai in 5G for the first time to the industry to discuss his domain name and webmaster career, Mr. Cai talked about the origins of hao123 and 265, the history of China's personal webmaster, will FM365 sent back to Lenovo, 265 by Baidu as a blacklist, and truly responded to many problems.

Here is the transcript of this conversation.

Liu Yan: 2004, I received a call from Xiao Lin, said that there is a person named Cai Wen wins, want to see. I asked Mr. Cai who was it? Kobayashi said that just robbed the FM365 domain name of the people. I received Cai Wen victory in the Pole conference room. I said, you are Xiao Lin's friend, your matter I all give you to do. Mr. CAI said you can give me half an hour, I show you something, you will never regret. Then he showed me something, and I thought old Cai had it.

This is the first time I know Cai Wen wins, at that time he did not tell me, FM365 He also gave Lenovo, did not want a penny. That's what I learned later.

Later, did not expect old Cai more and more, from IDG Investment to Google Investment, old Cai should be the most recent two years the most successful personal webmaster.

How much is your domain name worth?

Hongbo: How much does cost?

Mr. Cai: The domain name first depends on whose. If you are a 500-strong company in the United States, then you have a minimum value of CN hundreds of thousands of. If with dot com Non-stick Big company, this domain name is related to Hongbo alone, this domain name can also value tens of thousands of block.

Ming Mingliang: I accidentally registered, how much do you think I should spend on selling to PPLive?

Mr. Cai: It depends on how deep the pplive's knowledge of the domain name is, if he can afford to buy it for tens of thousands of bucks from the perspective of protection. I don't think he will buy any higher.

To tell you the truth, Dot mobi is of little value. The suffix of the domain name has one hundred or two hundred kinds, one country has a suffix. Only dot com is generic, dot net, dot org, dot info, Dot biz, and later launched these domain names are basically worthless.

Yahoo, Google and so on the most cattle Microsoft and so on are using dot com domain name. If you can get a, it will be worth a lot of money. The new point of Biz, point info, point Mobi, as if in Tongxian, or a large area on the prairie, we have not to develop, occupy a place is useless.

Kong Tiesan: Is there any value in dot TV?

Mr. Cai: It's no use. If you do a TV-related website, you can think about it, but as an investment, it doesn't make any sense. No one is willing to pay a big price to buy some TV, they will pay a higher price to buy some COM first.

Hongbo: The ant community of wheat fields, he now particularly want Pinyin 4-letter, how much do you think it cost?

Mr. CAI: I just said a domain name can directly see how much it is worth, but it can sell how much money depends on the seller and the buyer, there are many uncertainties. The is worth tens of thousands of dollars in terms of this pronunciation. Because the whole world will call company must be very many. itself 4-letter domain name is not much, the world only 20多万个.

Why 3-letter domain name will be valuable, because the world is more than 17,000. Tens of millions of companies all over the world, there must be a lot of the abbreviation of the company is 3 letters, such as TCL, so it must be valuable. Popular point that the price of a domain name depends on its needs.

After 2000, you will register the domain name must be rubbish. Because 2000 years later you think of the domain name but no one registered, it means that no second person with you think together, otherwise others have already registered. Liu Yan at the beginning must want to register, too many people want to, has long been registered, you want to note, there are many people like you think, also be registered. You are happy to say that no one to sign up, stating that no second person thought it was worth it. But at that time you want to sell, you must not sell, because no one thinks it is valuable.

Liu Yan: Guess How much money you bought back?

Mr. Cai: It depends on the buyer. If only from the domain name Investor's point of view, 10,000 pieces he will sell, now the market is better, between 50,000 to 100,000 pieces. If he knew your company was going to buy it, he would have sold it to hundreds of thousands of, if he had been able to negotiate.

Liu Yan: It's still hundreds of thousands of, right?

Zhu Huirong: supposedly 500,000.

Liu Yan: Now if he's looking for a third party to buy it privately, is it going to be a little bit less?

Mr. Cai: It depends on the buyer being smart and not smart. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who do domain names, but I don't expect more than 1000 of them to really succeed. China does not have more than 30 domain name success, they can make money, the others are blind.

If you touch me, if someone to buy a domain name, I will check his mailbox is which one, he certainly will not use Youku's mailbox to send me, but I can go to Google to find whether he has in other forums with this mailbox published, with Youku has no relationship. Second, I will check his IP, where this email came from. If this email comes from Shanghai, it may be another person who wants to sign up, I might be a little cheaper, but if it's from Beijing, I know it might be a cool company to buy. In addition to, I will know that it may be the Youku station or other potential buyers to buy. If the seller of the domain name does not look so carefully, of course, he can not sell a high price.

Liu Yan: You just said 2000 years later registered domain name is the garbage domain name, it seems that direct registration dot com no chance. Is there any chance of CN now?

Mr. Cai: Just said is dot com, in fact, the opportunity to point CN is quite large. Point cn to now there is a very large untapped value. Why, then? Dot com now has 38 million, which means that there will be a lot of people need. Point cn at the end of 2006 only 1.8 million, of course, has recently been opened. Germany has 11 million point de, Germany only 100 million of the population. We are 13 times times the population of China, if the internet matures like Germany, even about half of his, China also has tens of millions of domain names. To now point CN domain name is dug only only 2 million, so the opportunity is very big.

Although I rarely registered dot cn domain Name, this time because there are 1 of dollars domain name, we all Amoy again, we all feel no chance. In March, I had an idea, let me go to the following people to register, a 1 yuan. In less than a few days, foreigners will come to buy, 6000 dollars I do not want to sell. This is not being excavated by others, that domain name has never been thought of this will be valuable. This domain name is actually not short, is a very long domain name.

Liu Yan: Your very Long Point CN domain name, why still have very high value?

Mr. Cai: Very simple, I inquired the world's largest 10,000 companies of the website, of course, not very famous, I put these domain names are registered. Maybe the company will enter China in the future, he will buy it.

Qingxi: Now the legal to point CN Domain Name protection is what kind of? For example I registered a, the result that the company wants this domain name, and I lawsuit how to do?

Mr. Cai: This is normal. Point CN domain Name CNNIC is allowed to trade, as to whether the lawsuit, this is another problem. Any one domain name, others may and you lawsuit, but will not win, not necessarily.

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