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The optimization of the site competition is growing, every day there are more and more Web sites generated, at any time to create threats to us, we also want to go beyond our stronger competitors every day, then how can we better surpass our competitors? I think this is the core factor of every webmaster friend's thinking, We need to think about how to better the Web site weight up, how to improve the keyword rankings beyond competitors, so today to share the personal experience of the actual combat:

one of the core factors: to learn to build a conducive search engine crawling, crawling site structure

I think this is a very important factor in whether a website can be optimized and whether it can get a good ranking and surpass our competitors:

1) Imagine if we open the homepage of our website to a flash, very atmosphere, very beautiful, this is also a lot of companies are still in the pursuit of the way, so this site search engine can be very good to crawl our web page? Can our website have a very good collection?

2 We also often find a lot of sites, put a lot of important places to put pictures, such as the navigation directory is set by the picture, so this is not conducive to crawl, but also unfavorable to the rankings!

3 We all know that the Web site that helps search engines crawl is a tree-shaped structure, and the level of not more than three layers, if our website structure is chaotic, the level has four or five levels, the search engine will not spend more resources to crawl your deeper pages, then such sites are not conducive to the collection!

So first of all to build a conducive search engine crawling site is the primary core factor, so that the site has a good ranking, can better surpass our competitors!

Core Factor Two: to learn to analyze the needs of users, so targeted to create a conducive user experience site

I think we all know that we do the website is for the user to see, only lets the user visit our website to be comfortable, can let them quickly find the content which oneself wants, such site is good, therefore we need to learn to know, the user is interested in what content, thus we need the targeted access to provide:

1 we can from Baidu Drop-down box, related search or some user needs analysis tools to analyze, to understand the user for our industry, what the core needs, and what needs we are able to give, and thus targeted, according to the importance of the layout to the site inside;

2 we can borrow force for analysis, as the saying goes, win, we can analyze our competitors, we can focus on the analysis of the ranking of good sites, their site has what content for users is valuable, we go to learn from others good.

3 Learn to take the differentiated route, the difference here is not that it's really weird, but that we need to provide competition for content that doesn't meet the needs of the user, and that's what the user wants, and that's the difference, just imagine what we're offering that competitors can't give and we can meet the needs of our users, Then our site is very competitive with the core!

Core Factor Three: adhere to create High-value, for the user's valuable content

Baidu's launch of the Spark program, to combat the content of the site, so we only really create high-value content, is the long-term solution, at present I optimize the site JuJube regimen, insist on creating high-quality content:

1 Many people think that the optimization of the site feel write content is very painful, in fact, I think that we need to think more, use some methods to solve, such as my jujube regimen is to use the composition of the article, we are not able to search a lot of articles to combine, and in the article inserted pictures, So let the search engine think that our content is very rich!

2 more to dig long tail words, build a thesaurus, a lot of webmaster to update the article, the title does not go around the user needs to update the article, we only have to analyze and dig out the user's more needs, set up a long tail word library, targeted to update high-quality articles!

3 We are not able to find some related books, so targeted to learn from the contents of the book, to update the article it? So we can also very good control the appearance of online homogeneity content!

Above about the site optimization beyond the core factors of competitors, JuJube Health Bar and everyone to share here, I believe that our site to build from the search engine and user perspective, all for the user experience to think, then believe that such a site search engine will be given a good weight and ranking!

This article content by JuJube Health Bar this first, welcome to reprint, reprint please provide the source, please respect each person's labor thank you!

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